Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hope and holding on...

what is it that brings us to where we end up..who we end up becoming...what we decide to Become...who we decide to be with..the decisions that we make and the way that we feel so strongly about certain things...
the things that make us cry so easily...the smallest things, the simplest things..things that others wouldn't think twice about, let alone shed a tear..
what makes us smile so big that it hurts our faces...laugh so hard that we do end up crying...
what is this feeling that we get about certain things that appear in our lives and we just obsess over them every waking moment and even perhaps while dreaming at night...
places we have been and can't wait to go back....can't bear the thought of never going back...
these lights that shine so brightly from the smallest flicker of a wick...that fill our hearts and our souls with such complete love and Hope for even better things to come...
that's what we need to do...hold onto the Hope...as there are always better things to come...
for without Hope..what else is there?
Keep your inner light shining and hold onto the Hope...it will soon be right there before your eyes.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti...

Monday, July 30, 2007

so i've been tagged...

I got Tagged!! Yeah!!
Thanks Wayne~~~~ (didn't need to sleep on it after all!)

Here goes...

Four Jobs I've had...
*Personal assistant to Nancy Juvonens Mom..(Nancy Juvonen is partners with Drew Barrymore they own "Flower Films" in LA)
*Personal Fitness Trainer to Private Clients in their homes. San Francisco Bay Area.
*Aerobics Instructor right out of High School.
*Dog Walking Business owner in Marin County..called "Who's Walking Who"?

Four Movies I can watch over and over...
*Ashtanga NY
*The Runner
*A Chorus Line

Four Places I've Lived...
*Redondo Beach
*Orange County

Four Places I've Vacationed....
*Mysore, India
*Fort Cochin, India

Four favorite dishes...
*Indian Food...(anything veg)
*Chipolte's Veg Burrittos
*Pasta..(for running)
*Soy Ice Cream with Carob Chips!!

Four sites I visit daily...
*India Mike
*Allie is Wired

Four places I'd rather be right now...
*see above on vacationed!!

Four People I'm tagging...
*Tiff (by the way...I can't comment on your new blog site for some wierd reason??)

Compassion in Action...

and again..a HUGE Thank You to Linda...my new found Yogini friend and India lover as well!!

Her email regarding the "Shoe Box Donation" that she was behind setting up at her Chicago Yoga Studio where she teaches...all I can say is..what Compassion and Love...many Blessings and Thanks..it busts my heart wide open when I get emails like this.
p.s....hope you don't mind linda??!

Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2007 10:56 PMTo: 'LISA - PRANA', 'Therese Heinrich'Subject: about shoe donation for newsletter
For the August E-launch:


Many of you will be buying new school shoes for your children in August. Please consider dropping off your GENTLY USED kid's shoes at Prana in the box that Linda has provided.

Linda is working with yogini Tracy Cox in California whose personal charity is "Walking in Their Shoes" and Operation Shanti in India, to collect kids' shoes for street children in Mysore, India. The donation box will be in the studio for the month of August after which Linda will ship it to Tracy. Tracy will deliver the box when she goes to India for her yoga studies in December.

In India, street children are literally born on the streets. Please find it in your hearts to donate a pair or two of gently used or new children's' shoes, any size and for any age, it does not matter. Any type of shoes are appreciated by the street children of India -- COMPASSION IN ACTION!

Thank you!

where will you be....

The following is long...but WELL worth the read! This is why we plan to "retire" in India...wish we could leave sooner!!

Made in India:
Low-cost care for ailing parents, American facing unpleasant alternatives finds novel solution with outsourcing By Laurie Goering
Tribune foreign correspondent July 29, 2007
After three years of caring for his increasingly frail mother and father in their Florida retirement home, Steve Herzfeld was exhausted and faced with spending his family's last resources to put the couple in a cheap nursing home.So he made what he saw as the only sensible decision: He outsourced his parents to India.Today his 89-year-old mother, Frances, who suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease, gets daily massages, physical therapy and 24-hour help getting to the bathroom, all for about $15 a day. His father, Ernest, 93, an Alzheimer's patient, has a full-time personal assistant and a cook who has won him over to a vegetarian diet healthy enough that he no longer needs his cholesterol medication.Best of all, the plentiful drugs the couple require cost less than 20 percent of what they do in the U.S., and salaries for their six-person staff are so cheap that the pair now bank $1,000 a month of their $3,000 Social Security payment. They aim to use the savings as an emergency fund, or to pay for airline tickets if family members want to visit."I wouldn't say it's a solution for everybody, but I consider it the best solution to our problem," said Herzfeld, 56, a management expert who moved to India with his parents and now, as "care manager rather than the actual worker," has time for such things as bike rides to the grocery and strolls in the botanical gardens with his father.With the cost of nursing homes, home nurses and medications painfully high in the United States, the elderly and their caregivers have long looked abroad for solutions. Many families drive to Mexico or Canada to buy cheaper drugs, or hire immigrants -- some of them undocumented -- to help them look after frail parents.A growing number of aging couples are buying retirement homes in Mexico, where help is cheap and Medicare-funded health care is just across the border.Herzfeld never thought he'd be headed abroad. When his mother broke a hip in 2004, he drove to their home in Pompano Beach from his home in North Carolina, figuring he'd stay a while to help his parents get back on their feet. But three years later, he found himself still on the couch in his parents' spare bedroom, wondering where his life had gone."I started to see him breaking down after three years working 24 hours a day," remembers longtime friend Eric Shaffer, who runs a software design firm with offices around the world, including one in Pondicherry, a former French colony on India's southern coast. "He was in a chess game with no move."Nursing homes costly, at wit's end, Herzfeld began investigating nursing homes but found that the $6,600-a-month cost at the cheapest one he could find near family members would quickly bankrupt his parents. An uncle offered financial help, but Herzfeld's father refused to take what he called "welfare" from his family or from the government, which would have assumed the cost of his nursing home care when his own money ran out.Herzfeld also was hesitant. "I've seen nursing homes, and it's a hell of a way to end your life," he said. "I wouldn't want someone to do that to me."So when Shaffer suggested Herzfeld consider a move to India, "I said right away, 'There's an idea!'" he remembers.Herzfeld, who is single and a longtime follower of Transcendental Meditation, had previously spent five years in India, studying and later teaching courses on management at an MBA program in Hyderabad. He admired India's renowned respect for the elderly, despite some evidence that it has slipped in recent years, and he quickly realized that Pondicherry -- a haven for aging hippies from around the world -- might just work.The graceful old town, with its coconut palms and orange-blooming flamboyant trees, was foreigner-friendly and on the ocean, a big attraction for his father. The weather was much like Florida's, and many people spoke French, a language his Swiss-born father was fluent in. Best of all, nursing care and rent were cheap, and Shaffer was already there, promising to help rent a house and hire staff. Herzfeld decided to move.Just hours after arriving in India, Herzfeld's jet-lagged father tried to chase his new Indian personal aide out of the bathroom -- the youth had been instructed to help him with the toilet -- and fell, cracking his head on the bathtub. The family spent the first night in the hospital as Ernest was stitched up.The three also had a few bouts with India's infamous intestinal bugs as they adjusted to a new diet, and Ernest broke his nose when he tripped over his aide -- diligently sleeping just outside the bedroom door -- on a midnight refrigerator raid."It was pretty intense those first weeks," Steve Herzfeld said. "It was chaos."Eight months later, however, the family is settled in.Herzfeld's mother has a daily hour long session with a physical therapist, who flexes her stiff legs and gets her up walking with a walker. A nurse, on duty all day, braids flowers into her hair, massages her legs and arms, holds her hand while she watches TV and feeds her. A massage therapist gives the couple a daily massage, and a cook fixes them simple Indian meals.Ernest spends much of the day watching cable television in an overstuffed chair, reading local English-language papers or catching a rickshaw to the beach or botanical gardens with his aide or his son.Adjusting to India, Asked how he likes India, he says he has seen enough and is "ready for a change." But he admits to liking the food and speaking French, not to mention the pretty young sari-clad attendants around him.The three have long-term visas that will allow them to stay in India through 2011.Other things are still being figured out. The family has put up screens to keep out mosquitoes carrying the dreaded Chikungunya virus and bought a battery system to cope with power outages.But India, where life expectancy still hovers around 60 years, lacks many physicians experienced in gerontology. And while the family keeps in touch with relatives and friends back home, they haven't yet persuaded anybody to visit."They still think of India as being on another planet," Herzfeld said of family and friends.Still, every time he looks at the bills -- less than $2,000 a month for food, rent, utilities, medications, phones and 24-hour staffing -- he thinks he's done the right thing for his parents and himself."It can be done," he said. "This is working."_____________

Sunday, July 29, 2007


once again last night I had another dream of a baby bird...so I did a Google search for the meaning of Bird Dreams...

Birds are a universal symbol of spirituality, typically seen as messengers of the Divine. For Christians, the Dove represents the Holy Spirit. Native Americans give great respect to the Eagle for its ability to fly closest to the sun or Great Spirit. The sky represents the spiritual realm, and the bird's wings and ability to fly symbolize the soul's desire for wholeness. When Birds show up in our dreams, it's likely that spiritual and psychological growth are in process.

Happy Birthday to you Guruji!

I hope all your Prayers and Wishes come true. May thousands of Blessings rain down on you softly and go deep into your Heart. May you be Healthy and Happy and all you do become Benefit to all Beings....

OM Shanti!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What is...

What follows is an entry from a young woman in India right now..actually her last day there..in Delhi. I saw this constantly while in India..and it touched me just as deeply and it was just as raw as she writes about it today..it is India..it is hard..but it is a truth there, in most places...some close their eyes..while others, like her and I...and many others, deliberately look and take it in and somehow it changes us and we are never the same..doing what we can while we are there..it's hard, but it IS.

My last day in India, yet also my first; for on my last day in India, I remembered what I should have never forgotten... Perhaps I wasn't prepared for him like I had been at other times. Perhaps he caught me off guard. Perhaps he blew the tyre of my racing mind. Perhaps it was the heat. Perhaps it was my emotions running wild hours before I was to board the plane back home. Perhaps I didn't expect to see him in this rich shopping enclave of Delhi... Perhaps it doesn't matter. Fact is, he threw me further than any baseball. He dropped me flat in my own pie. He left me feeling so ridiculous and shamed that I was bursting at the seams - I felt like I was about to explode in every emotion I had ever felt. We walked past him on the street, but it wasn't until we stopped to get a cold drink nearby that I found myself staring at him. My eyes were glued to him, my body motionless. If Gordon asked me anything, I did not hear it. If someone stole my bag, I did not notice it. In that moment, I didn't feel the heat, I didn't cough from the pollution. I just stood there... He lay partially curled up on the thin strip of dirt in the middle of the street. His bare back was arched forward so that his heavy head nearly touched his feet. The skin on his arms and shoulders had peeled off, leaving festering open wounds. The flies lingered like crows around a dead lamb. In his right hand, he clung to a small tin jar which he rattled slowly, slowly, asking for a pittance. The strength to do so had nearly left him. I could not see his eyes or face. At one stage, he tried to lift himself somewhat, but beyond a couple of inches he slumped back down to the ground. He fell silent for a minute, than began to slowly rattle his tin again, slowly, slowly. I could hear the coins clinking in my ears; the sound was piercing, shrill, unrelenting. What was he to do with coins? What is a man to do with all the coins in the world if he cannot drag himself off the filthy ground to spend them? I thought of my sick grandmother at home, of all the things we try to do for her to make her last years more comfortable, less lonely. I looked at the old man - where are his grandchildren? Where is his family? Where is someone to take care of him in his last years, to dress his wounds, to give him love? But I could not see anyone through my tear-filled eyes; only the dry dirt around him and his tin cup, rattling slowly, slowly. I cried a long time for him; not just physical tears - my soul weeped. I weeped because I know there is enough love to go around, enough for him too, yet he sits alone. We have every material thing we could possibly want in our lives. We can build bridges and towers, great mosques and temples to give thanks to our Gods. Yet we walk past this old man. Some of us will throw a coin, others will just close their eyes. But who will have the courage to lend him a hand, to lift him up off the ground, to give him hope? Such a simple feat; love is priceless, it doesn't cost anything. So why do we give it so stringently? Give more, I say. To everyone.

another sign...

The first photo is of Erics Book...the second photo is a piece of jewelry created by Liz Alpert, who travels with Eric and his team and is also a healer and the niece of Ram Dass..the third photo is a bottle of Organic Red wine that I adore..and always have on hand at home....
oh..and by the way...the pendant is mine! I ordered it from Liz today and soon it will be around my neck..such a special piece!
Om Shanti

The Signs are Everywhere....

I was reading "the book" last night..actually almost finished it...because I was completely blown away by some of the experiences that Eric has had...it was almost a mirror to some things that I have experienced in my life...not quite the same..but so very similar that I had to re-read so many lines in the book and then call my husband and read it to him and he was getting really freaked out...because he knows me so well and what I have seen and experienced.
I am so extremely Blessed to be married to a man that completely supports me in all that I love and do...he is my Biggest Fan..and my constant support system...my Best Friend and My Soul Mate..I have indeed been Blessed..More times than I can say. It was him who told me to "Get the Tickets, Make the Reservations....GO and DO THIS...It is YOU...It has Always been Who You Are..." If he had not been sitting there handing me his credit card....saying...DO IT....I may not have..but after I clicked that last button...I knew it was the Right Decision..
I once went to this Psychic in Tiburon who was very well known..she worked in conjunction with the Police to solve cases..she was very renowned and is now passed over...but what she told me, along with other pieces of information that have all come to pass...was she said "You will one day speak in front of Millions of people"...that I do remember...
and then about 5 years ago..I went and saw a Healer who is from England...he was only in town for 2 days..and I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment with him...many wonderful things occurred during my session with him..too many to write about..but he told me that " I am a Healer and that one day I would be doing that as my work...."
I never forgot those things...even after all these years....and now I believe things are finally coming to the surface..
A few Blogs back I wrote about a dream I had recently..about a little baby bird appearing in a cage at my house and I took it in my right hand and said "Look, its a baby bird"...
last night I was reading "the book" and halfway through on one of the pages...my dream was written on one of the pages...you tell me...I need to do this!! The signs are everywhere....

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm goin' to Nashville.....

My husband motivated me today to "just do it"! So I signed up for the Seminar with Eric Pearl...got a hotel for the weekend at the Resort..and bought the airline tickets!!
I am going for it! I can hardly wait!

August 17 - 19 • Nashville, TN • USA Level I/II Reconnective Healing Seminar With Eric Pearl • Register Online Now!Contact The Reconnection for more informationHotel Information & ReservationsAirline & Car Rental Reservations

Introductory Seminar–Friday Evening LectureThe Essence of Healing™
Find out what's baffling the medical community. Discover why hospitals and universities across the country are investing time and money in an attempt to explain these healings, and how you, too, can master this extraordinary work! Eric will discuss his remarkable story and give live demonstrations of the healings. Q & A to follow.

Level l Seminar–All Day SaturdayThe Basic Truths of Healing™
Unique in its content, this seminar is necessary for both the novice and the advanced practitioner. As a newcomer, you will discover how to immediately access these new frequencies of healing. As an advanced healer, you will find that "elusive jump" which will make all the difference in your work. Eric will attune participants' hands to accept this new frequency of healing. This is not Reiki, Johrei or Qi Gong... or any healing technique you've encountered. This is beyond technique.
Seminar Time Sat 9:30 am-6:30 pm

Level ll Seminar–All Day SundayThe Frequencies of Healing™
During the Level II Seminar, you will permanently establish a powerful connection with the source of these healings. Eric will work with you to bring forth newly cultivated energies and focus them to heal others. He will also review self-healing, distance-healing, and some elective hands-on positioning that he has found helpful in specific situations.

So Blessed

I heard from the doctor while I was running...I was afraid to leave my cell phone in the house...as I knew the moment I started my run she would call...and she did..and my results are...that the Biopsy was Benign!!! I was just so happy and relieved and I felt so blessed...I picked up my pace a bit after that call!
I had a feeling I was fine..but you just never know until they send it to the lab. The Universe knows I have much work left to do here on this earth..and so I will continue on...now I can buy my airline tickets~!~

My PC Pod for my Suunto tells me that I am over training...so I suppose I need to slow down a bit..but when you feel so awesome when you run..and just so strong and fit..its hard to not go "full out". My heart rate is a lot lower..even when I am working above average..so my heart is getting that much stronger as well...and my fitness level is pretty darn good. Its amazing how when I was just practicing yoga and not running for awhile..my lungs would burn and my heart rate was up to 178 bpm during a run..now, my breathing is so smooth and fluid again and my my lungs don't burn and my heart rate only gets up to 165 on full out sprints. I love seeing that! Also. running uphills is so much easier..when I was in Dharamsala earlier this year, we walked up lots of hills and I would be panting for air..my husband even said to me.."Man, you sound like you're so out of breath..." I was...I was out of shape too. I just have to add my running to stay fit and keep my heart healthy. It works for me..and my legs love it too! I LOVE to Run!

Om Shanti!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Giving in to what is...

If and when you travel to India..there is one thing that you must always remember..and I think it holds true for most anywhere you would travel to that wasn't a familiar place to you...a place that you aren't accustomed to..things you have never tried...ways in which the locals live...and the way of life where you are going.
That One thing you must remember is Patience..(actually two things) the second being Acceptance. It sort of drives me crazy when I read some stories from people who are visiting other lands and all they do is complain. I mean..if you do enough research and you know people who have gone...and you do have an idea of where you are going and what you will be dealing with...and you still complain..why even bother to go? I also can't accept it when people talk so badly about the locals where they are and how they act or what they do.. I mean..it is where they live..and it is all they know..You really shouldn't condemn people for living life as they do..when that is all they have ever known since they were born.
Then there are those that take it all in and learn so much and GET so MUCH out of the experience..truly they are changed by the whole experience and come back home and are really never quite the same person as they were when they left...and in fact can't wait to get back to it again one day...their heart literally longs to be back there....
I believe it is a Karma thing...a Past Life...a Remembrance if you will, of being there another time..long ago...something that only the Soul would remember...but somehow WE do remember.
It all depends on the person I suppose and where they are in their life and it really has nothing to do with how great of a Yogi or Yogini you are or think you are..nooooo..not at all..it doesn't even touch on that in the least...it's so much deeper than that..really it is...it goes beyond the realm of knowing...
But you really must Give in to What Is...to get to that place...and if you can't..you just aren't quite there yet.
OM Shanti

The Reconnection

I have always been interested in alternative healing methods..always studying and reading and researching...I have doctors in my family..my husbands brother...my brother..it has always been frustrating to me though somehow...that a doctor will see you for 15 mins. and then prescribe a pill...(or try to at least for me anyway..I'm a hard sale!) my reasoning is that one pill leads to another pill...and then another....and so on. I have always believed that in order to heal yourself you must go to the root of the problem..working from within..
I never take medicines unless they are natural..that's not to say that I would not take something if I were very seriously ill..and it was life threatening..I mean..I will take Malrone while in India for Malaria..so I am not that hard core against pills..But I just feel that too many people take too many pills when they don't necessarily need to. But then that is just my opinion!!!
My husband went to his 90 year old Uncles Memorial on Sunday and saw his 4 girl cousins that he has not seen in maybe 12 years...they were amazed at how my husband "glowed" and that he looked so healthy and radiantly happy..he is..we are..they were as well! Oh how I wished I would have attended. It was a Celebration of his Uncle Bills life and over 100 people were at the home around the pool and roaming the grounds..he said it was a special day indeed. He finally got home at 3:00am..that's how much he enjoyed himself!
But the girl cousins sat with him for hours and hours and they talked about what they have all dedicated their lives to...they are all healers...and they love what they do...and it showed from what I heard. One of his cousins actually demonstrated it on my husband and he was blown away by what he felt. He was so excited to come home and tell me that we talked until almost 5 am!
He knows how "in tune" I am with these things..and his cousins all said that they already knew I was...they felt it...isn't it so amazing how life is..and energy...its all energy..
I just received the book today..I will start to read it this evening..and I am thinking that next year after India and my Marathon in March I will study this technique as I have studied others...but I just have this feeling and this sense about this book and this guy...
I'll get back to you on it...
Om Shanti!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sometimes being 16 years old can be tough...I remember....my son is that age now and it is a little hard for him on some days...that is when he comes to me and we talk it through..sometimes.
A few nights ago was one of those times..we talked until 2 a.m. (that's what Moms are for).
That night (or morning rather) before I drifted off to sleep...I said a little prayer for him..and I asked for a sign during my dreams...because whenever I do that I am blessed and always given one. During my dream state that night I dreamt that my turtle was dead in his tank and that our bird was also dead (although we do not have a bird right now)..I went to both of their cages and said out loud "Hanumans dead and so is our bird"..(hanuman is our turtle)
then I remember breathing really hard..almost like after a sprint in running...and I woke up...my breathing woke me up....but I immediately went back to sleep and back to the dream...
suddenly as I went back to the Birds cage..I was looking at the dead bird and all of a sudden a Baby Bird flew into the dead birds cage and I took it into my open palms and said "Its a baby bird.."
I knew what this meant..I knew it was the sign and the message that I had asked for before my sleep...and I know that things will be OK with my Oliver in time..he will emerge from this like a newborn Baby Bird...fresh and clear and ready for life.
"Trust in that in which you have been shown...as it is a sign and a lesson..do not close your eyes or your heart to signs from beyond..or within..as they will only lead you to that in which you have been searching for"
Om Shanti!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two down...One to go!!

Today was the day of "Health Care and Meds"...

I had my Biopsy this morning...but it didn't go as planned....the machine they tried to use to perform the biopsy was basically a Mammogram Machine. I guess I should say..I am NO Dolly Parton..more along the lines of Kate Moss in the upstairs dept....and I am perfectly happy being just so..

But that Mammogram Machine...my gosh..come on...this is my Third Biopsy in my adult lifetime..and none of the others was quite so difficult. I ended up fainting...yeah, I did...but I at least warned them ahead of time. They were worried because my already low blood pressure of 90/60 freaked them out to begin with...(running, thank you very much!) but when I went down for the count it went all the way down to 60/30 and they were SCARED!

So we did it another way..and long story short, they got what they needed out of my Kate Moss top....

Home to rest...

Then on to Doctor number 2...got all my prescriptions for the trip to India!!! Now just one more visit to the Typhoid Shot people on Thursday..and were good to go!

Monday, July 23, 2007

We Can all Change the World!

"Never doubt that a few committed individuals can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

hey tracy!

the owner of the yoga studio thinks it's cool to put out a box, so that's what I will do for the month of August.

also have two pairs of shoes already, kids crocs!

will you be in chennai in January??


Here is another Email from Linda in Chicago this morning~ She is putting out a box at her Yoga Studio and collecting shoes for the kids in Mysore! The giving just keeps on flowing...Thank You Linda! (Linda is pictured above)

Om Shanti

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Small but Mighty!

this sounds just like my Bindi..she would attack the world if it tried to harm me! That is her above~ my baby Bindi..we rescued her...and she adores us for it!

Tiny Dog Saves Baby From Rattlesnake

MASONVILLE, Colo. - Zoey is a Chihuahua, but when a rattlesnake lunged at her owners' 1-year-old grandson, she was a real bulldog.

Booker West was splashing his hands in a birdbath in his grandparents' northern Colorado back yard when the snake slithered up to the toddler, rattled and struck. Five-pound Zoey jumped in the way and took the bites.

"She got in between Booker and the snake, and that's when I heard her yipe," said Monty Long, the boy's grandfather.

The dog required treatment and for a time it appeared she might not survive. Now she prances about.

"These little bitty dogs, they just don't really get credit," Booker's grandma Denise Long told the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.

and this is what Inspires me to keep Running after 29 years!

Thank You Colette~More Shoes for the Kids in Mysore!

This was in my email this afternoon when I got back from my run...Colette, Thank You dear friend..I didn't expect this...and you made me smile and you have given me such JOY today!

I will buy some shoes ...and take some photos of them so you can see what I chose!

With my Love and Gratitude I Thank You so very much~

Payment Details
$20.00 USD
Transaction ID:
Kids shoes
Dear Tracy, I hope this can cover a pair of shoes. I thought it would be easier to send you $$ instead of shoes because I have no clue what to get. Business should pick up in the fall, so I hope to send more before you leave for India. All my love and support, Colette

Saturday, July 21, 2007

India's First Female President!!

If India can have one...why not us!!

India Names First Female President

1 hour ago

NEW DELHI - India elected Pratibha Patil as the country's first female president Saturday in a vote seen as a victory for the hundreds of millions of Indian women who contend with widespread discrimination.
Patil received 65.82 percent of the votes cast by national lawmakers and state legislators, said Election Commission head P.D.T. Achary. She had been widely expected to win.
Patil, the 72-year-old candidate of the governing Congress party and its political allies, defeated incumbent Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the candidate of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party.
"I am grateful to the people of India, to all the men and women of India," Patil said in a brief statement to reporters. "This is a victory of the principles of which our Indian people uphold," she said flashing the victory sign to her supporters.
Her candidacy was dogged by unprecedented mudslinging from the moment it was agreed upon by coalition members, marring the usually genteel process of presidential elections.
Hundreds of delighted Congress supporters danced in the streets as the results were announced, banging drums and setting off firecrackers outside her home in New Delhi and in her hometown in the state of Maharashtra.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi _ the head of the Congress party _ were among the first to visit her home to congratulate her. She will be sworn in for a five-year term as India's 13Th president on July 25.
The election of a woman to the largely ceremonial post continues an Indian tradition using the presidency to bolster disadvantaged communities.
Hindu-majority India has had three Muslim presidents, including incumbent A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, since winning independence from Britain in 1947. It has also had a president from the minority Sikh community, and Kalam's predecessor, K. R. Narayanan, came from the bottom of the society's complex social hierarchy.
While India has had several women in positions of power _ most notably Indira Gandhi, who was elected to the more powerful position of prime minister in 1966, and her daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi_ many women still face rampant discrimination.
Many Indian families regard daughters as a liability due to a tradition requiring a bride's family to pay a groom's family a large dowry of cash and gifts. As a consequence their education is often neglected, and many don't get adequate medical treatment when ill.
International groups estimate that some 10 million female fetuses have been aborted in the country over the last two decades.
It was not clear how much impact Patil will have as president.
Opponents derided her nomination, saying she lacked the national stature for the job and her only qualification was her unswerving loyalty to the powerful Gandhi family.
Her emergence onto the national stage also highlighted several scandals involving family members, two of who are under investigation by police.
And her comments ahead of the election calling on Indian women to abandon wearing headscarves was roundly denounced by Muslim leaders and by historians _ who disputed her assertion that women only started wearing them in India to save themselves from 16Th century Muslim invaders.
The nomination of Patil also surprised many, given her lack of national recognition despite more than four decades in politics.
Patil was a lawyer before she joined politics and became a member of the state legislature in 1962. She was appointed a minister several times in the Maharashtra state government between 1962 and 1985. In the following decade, she served as a member of Indian Parliament.
Her most recent post was as governor of the northern state of Rajasthan.

The Gift of Flowers

Flowers are so uplifting...I buy fresh flowers every week and I have them in every room of my house. I have NO idea what these are..but I bought them yesterday. They look rather Tropical to me...
Were having company this evening for dinner..my husband "The Chef" will be cooking a fabulous meal for us all.
Having a husband that cooks is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever been given...being as though I would probably starve if he didn't...i just don't enjoy being in the kitchen..never have. I have tried..really hard in fact..it's just that cooking and Tracy don't mix!
Were heading into San Francisco on Monday to get our Visa's at the Indian Embassy!! Then on Thursday we have our Typhoid Shot...not looking forward to that..but I would much rather get the shot..than suffer the consequences of not getting the shot!
So today is a Yin Yoga day..and a training run before dinner. A good combination if you ask me!
Have a beautiful weekend everyone~
OM Shanti

Friday, July 20, 2007

An Update on "Walking in Their Shoes"!!! and "The Kindness of Strangers" part two!

..I just came home from a nice run at the track...and I had a really sweet, touching email from someone I have not ever met...as I said before..."The Kindness of Strangers" is surrounding me so much these days...and as I read this email I began to cry and to thank the gods and goddesses...the buddhas and all of life for sending me these beautiful souls and such wondrous blessings for the "Children of Mysore"..this is after all is ..All about them...I am just a vehicle for them...as they have no voice here...But I do..and so do all of you beautiful souls who are seeing my Blog and sending me shoes for them...May you be Blessed Always....always...always...

Here is her email to me and her Blog link is to the right...Linda's Yoga Journey..Thank You Linda..thank you so much..I never expected this..but you are a true Yogini..and your Karma is so rich..I hope to meet you one day..perhaps in January in India!

Namaste my friend~

namaste, all....

I just wanted to let you know of a yogini I became aware of who is asking people to send shoes that she will take to Mysore, India to distribute to street kids. Her address is listed below. If your kids have shoes that are slightly worn and they don't want them anymore, please consider sending them to Tracy. Or maybe if you see some kids shoes on sale somewhere, you might want to buy a pair and send them.....you'll be creating lots of positive karma!

As yogis, we can always try be the change that we want to see in the world....this email is a post from my own blog....

thanks for reading,

The global yoga community has a huge heart -- yogis and yoginis coming together for good causes or for charities that are close to our hearts. I became aware of Lotus Girl on
IndiaMike.com, where she is a member and I am a moderator. Her blog is A Lotus Girl and you can read about her charitable cause for yourselves, in her own words:"Walking in Their Shoes" our charity for the street kids of Mysore, IndiaMy son Oliver and I came up with an idea one afternoon..in wanting to "Do something to help the children in India" we came up with a Charity and we named it "Walking in Their Shoes".We are going back to India in January 2008 and we will be working with another charity that is based in Mysore, India called "Operation Shanti". Our goal is to collect as many pairs of children's shoes that we can until we leave. I have received 10 pairs of shoes so far and I have purchased 3 pairs of shoes myself. At last count there were 25 kids that needed shoes...I will be collecting shoes until December 2007.I know that thousands of people read my blog and if you could find it in your heart and your wallet to just send one pair of shoes to me for the children, we would be so Grateful to you!They can be used as well...just not too used...but you probably all have a youngster that has shoes the he or she only has worn a few times and outgrew...we could use them!! We will be attaching a little tag to each pair of shoes that we receive that will include your name and where you are from, so the child who receives the shoes will know who gave them to him/her and you might even get a letter of thanks from the child as well!We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts~and you may send them to me at the following address below...My email address is Alotusgirl@comcast.net if you would like to email me with any questions.Tracy Cox242 Fairmont DriveGrass Valley, CA95945Since Tracy put her address in her blog, I will post it here also. As Tracy says in her blog, thousands of people read her blog -- thousands of people from around the United States also read this blog so please find it in your hearts to send a pair or two to Tracy to help the street kids in Mysore, India. Imagine a street kid in the United States or in your home town...believe me, the street life is even harder in India.There's an old Warren Zevon song called "Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money." How about sending shoes, shoes, and more shoes to Tracy?

A house in Chennai....(prefer Cochin)

The house pictured above is a house that a couple from Chicago are renting in Chennai, India...
It is about 3800sq.ft...along with servants quarters and guard shack..gated and....well here...
The details about the house...it is 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, and 3800 square feet. It actually has a lot of wasted space in it...which seems to be the norm with Indian houses...right in the middle of the house is a huge 2 story atrium. The house has an open dining/kitchen area...and off of the kitchen is another kitchen that they call the wet kitchen. We'll be using this room for our food storage from our quarterly food shipments. Also, the house has a TV room, a puja room (prayer room that we can use for either storage or a library or something else), a storage room, a patio room, a walkout roof terrace that has a swing on it (not sure if and when we'll use this as during the day it will be extremely hot and at night the mosquitoes will be out).
The house is brand new and pretty much completely furnished.
Sounds pretty alright with me!! Just add the Ocean View and I'm there!
Om Shanti~

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the halle berry cut is back!

well....i was going to grow it out into a bob....but i went back to my Halle Berry haircut and I am SO glad i did! I feel much lighter and free...i love this cut and i always have.
Had a most awesome run this afternoon..Kleenex in one hand..blowing my nose about every other lap or so...but i made it through and feel cleansed~
I feel like I halfway sweat this cold out anyways...always a good way to get rid of a cold..sweat it out!
Another training run tomorrow and i should be back to my old self...young self i mean!!
Om Shanti


After yesterdays rainfall...this morning I have woken up with a delightful "summer cold"...I'm trying to remember when the last time I had a cold was...? It actually feels good to clear out those nasal passages! So I am going with the flow so to speak. Today is going to be a busy day..cold or no cold..I have a haircut appointment and a training run with my husband later on...yes..that is busy for me!! HaHa!! And I love being just that busy..its a welcome change to my life..more time to plan..and create..and laugh!
Ganesh...please remove all the obstacles with this cold today..so that I can breathe deeply when I run later...

I know of a woman who is currently getting ready to leave the US to start her new life with her 13 year old son in Calcutta,India...she is taking her Siamese cat and her beautiful Greyhound....and she is going for it. Although I would not choose Calcutta...I am so excited for her and I think it is wonderful to follow your dreams like that..to just sell it all and say "so long"...inspired..that is what I am!

Om Shanti!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This morning brought with it a wonderful rainstorm...it is such a refreshing sound..the rain...after our heat wave a few weeks ago. I will practice an hour of Yin Yoga this morning...it is such a wonderful meditative practice...after a hard training run yesterday of 5 miles at the track. My body is begging for some Yin...so I will get all my props out..my Mysore rug...sandbags..bolsters..strap and eye pillow...and the rain will be my music.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Tara at Gyumed Monestary

The first time I went to India and arrived at The Gyumed Monestary in Mysore where our little Monk resides and does his studies...there was this wonderful female dog..sort of German Shepardish..but also with a mix of the Indian breed that is so commonly seen on the streets of India. She seemed to take a liking to me..as most dogs do as they sense my love for them. She had this collar around her neck that has those Christmas Bells..you know those big fat bells..so you always knew when she was coming around. There were lots of other dogs there as well..maybe 5 or 6, but she belonged to one of the Monks I was told..and she just roamed around free, as they all did.
On my second trip to the Monastery, upon our arrival..we were at one of the temples on the Monastery grounds and we were standing out in front talking and all of a sudden I heard the bells..and they were getting closer...and I said to Chaku and Ray..here comes that dog! She actually ran up to me and jumped up and tried to lick my mouth..she remembered me! I believe she heard my voice and remembered..even after a full year!
This year when we arrived..I couldn't find her anywhere...Chaku said he did not know where she was...and I suspected maybe she had died. I was really sad. I had brought a bag of Chicken Strips for dogs to give to her...and she was nowhere to be found.
That night Ray and I made our way to the Guest House at the Monastery and went up to our room and it was dark. We were just getting ready to get undressed and take our "beloved" bucket bath..(not really my fav)..all of a sudden I thought I heard some bells...the same bells that I heard 2 years prior on my Tara (my name for her)...I told Ray to listen..and we went outside and we did..we heard her bells jingling!! It sounded like it was coming from the rooftop...so we left our room and started up the stairs to the rooftop and when we got up there we heard nothing...we waited...and I said "Tara..it's Tracy and Ray...where are you...." We waited a moment more and all of a sudden she came running to us! It was Tara! She was barricaded up on the roof by a make-shift boarded fence...but I was able to open it and get in. Ray had his flashlight and we could see that she had some cuts and bites on her hind end. She jumped up on me and I hugged her and loved her up..and it was such a relief to find her. It made my heart melt with love.
The next day I asked Chaku why she was up there and he said he did not know..but we later found out that she had been attacked by some other dogs and she was up there for her safety.
Like our little Guardian Angel..she was living above our heads on the rooftop every day and night while we were there. I had brought her a bag of treats..so everyday we were there we would spend time with her and give her treats.
I was really sad this time when I had to leave her..I have been worried about her...it's just me and my crazy love for animals..and especially dogs. I just feel for them so much. That is the one really hard part for me about spending time in India...I have this hurt while I am there whenever I see a sick..mistreated dog...it tears me up inside something awful.
I heard that Tara is better now and she is still on the roof..but now Chaku goes up and sees her for me...I can hardly wait to see her in January again...I am bringing her a HUGE bag of Chicken Strips and I think she knows I'll be back..I told her before I left in April :0)
Om Shanti


One thing I really love about India...as if there aren't already enough..is the Chai. The street stand Chai in particular. I don't know what the secret is about the Chai that the street vendors make that makes it taste so heavenly...it may have something to do with the way they pour it into the cups...although that seems ridiculous..I am starting to wonder..
the train Chais I don't really care for..and the train station Chais..same...but the street vendors. I can almost taste it as I sit and type this. In fact just looking at this picture makes me long for a cup...a zillion miles away....

Monday, July 16, 2007

the passing of time...

I once had this Yoga teacher...and she always, always had these little "stories" for us during class...like maybe while we were in a particularly difficult pose..and we were to hold it for sometime..she would pass the time telling us these very wise insightful stories.

I remember one in particular...

she told us that situations in our life may they be happy, or sad, are there for only a time...

situations in our life were like a clock...they always pass...even if we are at our most happiest...this time will pass and we will move into a time of sadness or hard times...but that time will pass as well..nothing lasts forever...every moment is like a clock and all must move on with time...

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not...our wonderful days may end up in a night that seems dark...but with the dawn brings a new day and a new time for us to experience again..the passing of time.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

the upstairs room awaits our arrival...

the plans are being set in motion..Ganesh, wonderful Ganesh in Mysore has it all arranged once again for our arrival...friends in India..Priceless...

his email to me this morning...

Dear Tracy,

Thank you very much for the mail and we are happy to see it.

Its a very nobel deed you are doing, in collecting shoes and stuff for the poor and destitute of Mysore. God bless you.

Surely you can occupy my room upstairs. I shall reserve it for you in January. We look forward to the pleasure of your company along with Ray. Be our guests and Welcome to Mysore. Not to worry about the taxi... its already arranged. Our driver will pick you up at bangalore airport and drop you straight at our place in Mysore. If the baggage is lot more let me know, i shall send a SUV (4 wheel drive jeep). Just confirm the exact dates and flight details when ever you can.

Yes i am picking up Krista at bangalore airport on the 9th of August. Unfortunately my room upstairs is occupied, hence i have booked her a room at Tina's place.

Tracy and Ray, we look forward to see you soon in Mysore, and we wish you well in all you do. Keep up the good work. I shall reserve a chocolate pie for you ;)

warm regards


Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Beauty in Seeing..

the following entry is from a friend who is in Dharamsala right now....it has had a tremendous impact on her...personally and spiritually as you will read..India does that to a person..if they are open enough to see and take it all in..the lessons and the peace...

a traveler meets his joy and his despair at once. -rumi

I've heard that meditating in one place builds an energy. you can feel it, a source. i notice the same thing between people. between all life. the growth between us, the energy we build and disperse with every step and every smile or every time we don't think of others... and last night i looked up at the night sky and saw more stars than my heart could take in, feeling the strength between us. and i knew what kind of energy i wanted to pass along. and i still know. this infinite relationship asks me to practice peace within and watch it spill out to others. i saw a beautiful documentary, -playing for change international- it opens with people from all over the world singing -stand by me- and my mind was soaring with goodness. I've been pushed and pulled, challenged, forced to build, take apart, and reconstruct my world, while the stars sing and expand and illuminate. today i write about inspiration because my heart hurts and we all need it. each day brings bigger and harder discoveries,

but today the sun
came out to touch my skin and the movie ended with the same group of people singing; one love, one heart. space seems like such a vast word, and yet I'm capable of feeling love for it. and i like to believe that words are beautiful, truthful, transparent and we give them to elevate others. to love others openly and honestly. how can we do any less? and it all comes back to you. I'm inspired by words, but i can't get lost in the constructs of fluid conceptualizations, what are words without actions? what is anything without simultaneous acknowledgement of many interconnected elements? as with my love for space, so too is the spaciousness of our minds. don't limit yourself. a voice from south Africa said, that as we connect to others through music, we inspire, and it becomes a process of lifting each other. i rise, you rise, in creation. do you see it? I'm inspired by magnetism, by the moon, and my visit here on earth. I'm inspired by chemical fusions that bring all possibility into view. I'm inspired by light gathered into the reflective prism of Indian crystal hanging around my neck.
last night as the electricity went out, i found candle light bringing intimacy to all parts of the room, and though my heart may ache, with a closer look, by a flame, i saw the ways it has healed. a glimmer of hope in the night. couldn't stop talking about the never ending story and how it is, and how we are, and i yelled out for falcor and atreyu to come sweep me up because what i need most now is to save fantasia, to stop the nothing, to hear the music, to have a new name, to dream of a place so beautiful and pure. to paint myself a secret garden. and a wise man pointed out that the difficult choice was always the one that offered the most growth... and may this crystallize in my heart, so i never forget. a passage from -cave in the snow- "the Sanskrit word for mindfulness is "smriti", in pali it's "sati", and in tibetan "drenpa". significantly, they all mean "to remember" it is what the catholics call "being in a state of recollection". and it is extremely difficult. if we can be aware for a few minutes
that's already a lot. if mindfulness is synonymous with "remembering" it follows that the enemy is forgetfulness. " and now comes the part of the story where i go to the Himalayas. where will you plant your grief-seeds?
Workers need ground to scrap and hoe, not the sky of unspecified desire. -rumi

Friday, July 13, 2007

Onward we Go!

I don't usually write about my personal health...as it is pretty darn great for a (almost) 46 year old girl...but today is Friday the 13Th and I am a bit leery as I had my purse stolen many years ago while I was out running at the college track..dumby me for having it out there in the first place...and I really loved that bag too! But..anyhoo..I got a phone call today from a doctor at the local hospital..

I went in about two weeks ago for my usual yearly mammogram..and have had some little findings removed that were always nothing..I am SO grateful.

They told me I was fine..they said there was an area that had some "calcification" but not to worry..I was healthy and to go on home and rest easy!

But then the phone call today...the doctor told me that in looking over my films and the sonogram again...he saw a Mass and a cluster of spots in one area and he is concerned...and I would need to go in and have it Biopsied as soon as they could schedule me in...

Tears...then more tears...then I went for a really FAST 3 mile run at the track..like 28 mins fast...

I felt better then..and I feel o.k. now...but I did live in Marin for 13 years and that area has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in the US..and I lost too many girlfriends to that horrible disease...but I am a positive thinker, and I have a trip to India to make, shoes to deliver...and I have a Marathon to run..so sorry, I don't have time for that right now..or EVER to be honest with you. Onward we go. End of discussion~~~~

Om Shanti

The Kindness of Strangers....

Dear Tracy,

I'm very pleased to hear that you will make it to India soon.

For a while I was thinking how I could make you some joy, too. Now I'm sure that it is the shoes for your Indian kids. I will go downtown tomorrow and I'd like to send you some. Do you need some sizes? Is it better to buy some sandals or decent shoes, for boys or for girls? I'd like it if you could give me some recommendations, what makes sense to buy.

Have a wonderful day.


Just so you know...and for the record...Ursula is anything BUT a stranger to me...but she sent me this email this afternoon...and I just want to say..all of the people who have sent me shoes, have basically been Strangers to me...meaning..I have never met them in person..nor have I spoken to them on the phone...they have been people whom I have never met..and so I say "The Kindness of Strangers" because there is a saying regarding that..

and now it is so true to me and it resonates so deeply in me..that if you ever think that the people you don't know, or have never met before...could sometimes just surprise you so and be even kinder than friends you do know or even family...it is so true...just believe that!

and with that, I Thank You Ursula..for your kindness and compassion and just know how deeply touched I am by your generosity and friendship...

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday the 13th....a day too soon...??

I made the appointment at the Doc's office to get all of our travel meds..you know..that dreaded thing they call Malaria...never had it and never want it. So we always take that..along with some precautionary meds...just in case! Next Thursday we get our Typhoid Injection..such fun were going to have! Just love all that stuff..NOT.

It's been a pretty crazy day..and if I didn't know any better I would have thought today was Friday the 13th instead of tomorrow...but thank goodness for Yin Yoga! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......what a relief~~~~that and some nice Organic red Wine....yes!

So it looks like India....here we come!!! Creative Visualization...Chanting...Positive Thinking...all the ingredients to making wishes come true!

Om Shanti~~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The All Knowing...

Sometimes if were really, very quiet...and we really stop and listen deep enough to that very small, yet powerful all knowing that resides deep within us all...

things can begin to shift and settle into place for us...

we can see what it is that we are supposed to see...and do just what we are meant to do...but we have to listen and feel and become aware...awareness is the secret...

and if, just if..you can hear and know...then it will all become very clear for you.

Don't be afraid...it might seem scary, but it isn't really...it's the way it is meant to be at that point in your life...and there may be things that happen to try and make you stumble along your path..but if you learn how to step over those obstacles then your footing begins to make its way down the path once again...and then "You are on your way".

Just know and trust and it will happen...

Om Shanti

A Package just arrived...6 Pairs of Shoes!!!!!

I am so deeply Grateful and humbled at this moment...I have NO idea who sent these to me...I mean, I don't know who you are, just your names and your address from the package I just received in the mail...but the tears are streaming down my face as I write this to you..

I just said to my son....just moments before the knock on the front door...I said to him.

"I don't know why nobody is sending me shoes for the kids in Mysore" and right after I uttered those words...the Postman knocked and handed me a HUGE box!

I had nothing coming...I have ordered nothing....so I thought..OMG, could these be SHOES!!??

They were shoes! SIX PAIRS to be exact!!

I do not know you two women..Trudy and Lisa from Massachusetts but I Thank You SO very, very much for the adorable shoes for the children...I have a card to send you both and it is on the way...Blessing to you both~

For my readers...I have a post at the bottom if you scroll all the way down..it has an update on the shoe count as well as where to send them if you so desire to donate a pair..or two!

I will be going to India...even if I have to go alone in January 2008. I have decied that this is my destiny and the Universe is indeed speaking to me at this time in my life. It is what needs to be done, and I promise to do it. No problem is too big that it can't be overcome and made better...and Where there is a Will..there is indeed a Way!

Namaste and Love~