Saturday, June 30, 2007

planning and dreaming...

A perfectly wonderful day...it was indeed.
Extremely great practice this morning..followed by planning for our trip...places we'll stay..and watched some of our home movies of our trip this year...never can see too much of that!
My sweet colored my hair and now making some chow chow then more relax time...
ahhhh the pleasures of a saturday..good stuff!!
Indian food..(what else is there??) and a movie.


Friday, June 29, 2007

The Joy you will find in the the Mailbox...

After a hugely busy day out and about..with no practice either...

I came home to a box that contained the above magazines as well as Manju Jois CD of Shanthi
Mantras...a happy girl indeed!
I really enjoyed Sharaths interview. His love for his Grandfather is so touching it makes your heart well up..and his love for his personal practice is so encouraging and full. It makes me want to be a better Yogi and person. I do try to be..but his interview enforces the importance of both.
I get caught up with the "running" aspect of my life and then feel that my practice should be at the forefront...it's hard when you are a natural born runner..of 29 years. But my practice makes me feel so "balanced" and at peace...where as my running gives me HUGE endorphins and nice quads..but I love the effects of both of my habits! I have been dedicating everyday to my practice after having some conversations with some pretty awesome Yoga teachers whom we all know...!! It is what will carry me through the rest of my life in a more healthy, wholesome, balanced way of being. In mind and body.. Especially after I move to India...as when I am there I never run! Only practice, practice, practice. My practice is a modified practice..as I have never been a gymnast or a string bean type of girl. I was a Fitness Trainer for many years as well as an Aerobics Instructor right out of High School. I found Yoga many, many years later. I have the strength and the balance and a lot of flexibilty for being a runner for so many years...it's just sitting in full lotus or lifting my body up and holding it there...uh huh, yeah...maybe one day..a long time away. But I am in no rush, and I do respect my body for what it's limits are and where I am in my practice. Maybe that's why I never get injured....I learned a very long time ago to respect my bodies limits. It might even have been that time I had a stress fracture on the top of my foot and had to teach 3 Aerobics classes that day...yeah, that was the time I learned that lesson. When I was in so much pain I couldn't even press down the gas pedal in the car to get to the gym. But went and taught anyway....
we live and learn though! May have taken 46 years...but I did learn~!~

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

will be one of our stops while in India in January. It is located in Pondicherry, a really beautiful little place....
Om Shanti

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is for Krista!

Very excited that my friend Krista is heading back to India for a few months in August!!

I have added her Blog link to the side...so stay tuned!

If you have not seen her website it is here http://www.ashtangayogini.com/

and here is her other wonderful site http://www.shantihaluom.com/ she has such beautiful things here!!

She is such a wonderful person..and an awesome Yogini!

Om Shanti!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To live with a Purpose

and so..after getting email after email from all of my concerned friends..who actually know all about my passion and drive in helping the less fortunate...

they have expressed concern that maybe I sounded a bit harsh and critical in my last post...

I may have....but just them knowing how sensitive I am on this matter and how it is my driving passion...they understand me..so well in fact.

I hope my readers do as well...It is my passion and has been for about 5 years now, and will be my continuing mission for the rest of my days.

I'm not sure if I have metioned this before in my Blog...but my husband and I plan on moving to India when he retires in 10 years!

Yes..yes, that is the plan. It has been thought out over and over again...and as many of my friends who know me well, know that India is where I long to be.

I plan on setting up a foundation before we move and also taking care of the many stray dogs that reside there...

I have no intention on staying here in California when the time comes. I can say Good-Bye and go and be so very happy inside knowing that I am finally going "Home"~~~~~

I love my life and am very grateful for all I have been given, but this to me is just a place we must be to make the money we will need in order to have our life in India...one day..and to do what we must do..what is truly inside our hearts to do.. and that is "To live with a purpose"...we all have a plan here on earth...it's just finding out what that plan is and then Living It!!

Om Shanti!!


After my Yoga Practice this morning I was sitting in meditation..and suddenly I realized that I am Obsessed...

Not with myself, or with my practice...not my self image or what I look like to others...not with what I own or what surrounds me...

No...not all that petty garbage that is in our face everyday..I am Obsessed with the things people don't like to talk about..or see...or recognize as Truth.

Am I alone in wanting to do good things for those who have so little? Is it easier to think "What a nice thing to do"...rather than to actually DO? It's just so frightening sometimes to me, what it is that people find so important...things that are just so Unimportant and so Impermanent.

Then there are those who dedicate their lives to those in need...they give up all of the luxuries in life and just go there and Do IT! People who just can't live another day without just going and doing the things that would make the world of difference to the people who think that they have been left behind or forgotten in this Huge, Rich world that we all inhabit.

I just can't wrap my brain around it somehow...

How much better this world would be if we all just stopped to think about others rather than ourselves so much of the time...

My God..what a world it Could be.

Om Shanti

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yoga at Sunset on the Beach...

One of the best places I have ever practiced Yoga...was while in Varkala, India. There were two spots where we would practice. One was on the edge of a clifftop overlooking the Arabian Sea in the early mornings at sunrise...
The other spot was down on the beach at sunset. You just can't imagine the feeling or the sounds or the incredible "India Energy" you could feel while doing your practice here in these two spots. I'm looking forward to that again in January!
Om Shanti

Monday, June 25, 2007

a heartfelt email from a friend...

this is what it's all about...friends and community coming together to help out those in need...

Dear Tracy, A group of women that I am involved with have recieved information on what you are doing for the orphans in India. Everyone that hears about it are really moved by the project. Here's hopiing they respond with shoes ! I am sure you will have plenty to fill your suitcases! I I think of you so often and when I do I just feel a big smile come up inside of me. Much loive to you Ray and Oliver. Jane

an email from a dear friend who is 70 years old now....and still as beautiful and giving as ever. She just radiates love!

Thank You again dear Janie!


An Amazing feat of Endurance!

Western States Runners Car!
Kim and her Pacer the last 16 miles of the race. Kim made it 70 miles and was pulled as she missed the cutoff time. She was so broken hearted...she said she will make it all the way next year!

The funniest running shirt I have ever seen!

The 55 year old woman was on the "Wheaties" cereal Box twice!

completely spent...after running for over 24 hours...

him too...

The girl with the number "O" on her shorts was the pacer for the infamous "Gordie" the pioneer who started this race..23 years ago...

just another pretty face!

Barbara was pulled from the race at mile 85 as she didn't make the cutoff time...she is 62 years old! She ran for miles and miles with my friend Kim from Ventura..

This beautiful woman is 65 years old and has run the Western States 10 times...see her bronze belt buckle...

And this is Gordie...he is 60 years young and his body is like a 30 year olds...maybe even better. He started this race and has run it every year. He's like a God! So beautiful!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Even the Stars get Injured~

It looks like Gwyneth will be off Yoga for a bit....

that's a bummer...

She's off and Running!! Western States 100 Miler!!!

She's off and running! Kim started the "Western States 100 Miler" this morning in Squaw Valley at 5:00 a.m.!
She arrived at Red Star Ridge a bit ago...and here are her results thus far...
She is running a 15.93 pace, she has run 16 miles at 9:15 am..thats 4 hours and 15 mins....only 19 more hours and 15 mins. of running left to go!
You Go Girl!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

just to eat is a gift....

In March when my husband and I were in India. One evening we went to have dinner at a new place on the cliffs in Varkala. It is called "Krishnathuram" and it is a brand new resort with a beautiful look and feel to it. We sat in the low lounge chairs spread out across the grassy lawn with the little low tables all set up for dining with the flickering candle light and the Arabian Sea crashing against the rocks just a few steps from where we were sitting. The sun was slowing disappearing beyond the horizon and we both thought we might just be in heaven....

The manager of the restaurant came over to us after we had ordered our food and we all engaged in some small talk. He then began to tell us little things about India...the people of India to be specific. He told us about how the families believe so strongly in Astrology and that they base most all their decisions upon what an Astrologist tells them when he gives them a reading. He talked about his marriage and his young son and he talked about the old people in India. He told us that when a man or woman becomes very old in India and the families are poor, most always the older man or woman in the family will leave and go off to die...they will leave the family and go live off the land until they eventually die. He said that is why he always gives food to the old in the streets. He told us that they don't care about money, money comes and goes, they want food more than money.

My husband and I just looked at each other and my ears filled with tears. There were so many old people in the streets...we would give them coins and tell them Namaste with our hands in Prayer. But after he told us that story I started to see the old people in a new light. I imagined my Mother there, sitting in the street with shredded clothing on and her hands cupped outward, looking into the eyes of the people passing by and just wanting something to eat.

I don't think many people who visit India know this story..of the old people. They just consider them to be just another beggar with their hands out...but that's not it.

From that day onward, my husband and I always made sure we took crackers and fruit out with us each day and we fed the old people we passed by. We no longer gave money and I did notice a difference in the way they would accept the gift of food/versus money! They would touch the food to their forehead in a gesture of Thanks and smile at us. Those wise old people eyes, who have seen so much and are so much wiser than we could ever know....

Just when you think you are in heaven....and life just couldn't get any better...you see the other side and it changes you forever. Just to eat is a gift.

OM Shanti

Thursday, June 21, 2007

days like this...

make me yearn to be back in India...

sometimes life in America is just way too much...

I long for the simple life again...

oh when will January show it's face???

Patience..I know. I know all about patience, but today it just wasn't enough...

Om Shanti, Shanti,Shanti

My Son the Artist!

Ever since he could pick up a pencil, my youngest son has drawn people. Every time he creates a new piece he just continues to amaze me with his talent and gift . This is his latest sketch..."The Indian Boy"


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the lesson....

Have you ever had one of those "Light bulb moments"..? I am sure you have, we all have them...but last night I had a BIG one!

Upon the recommendation of our fellow Yogini Ursula...I ordered the book by BBB "Beyond Power Yoga", I wasn't going to..I have SO many books on Yoga that I assumed I had enough, first lesson, never assume anything!

So I went online and ordered it through Amazon, my favorite place to buy my books.

It was from a private seller by the way...

Last night I was reading Chapter 2 "The Work;Yoga in Action", BBB talks about how she got married to her current husband and they moved from her tiny 300sq.ft. apt. in New York to a little cottage in Connecticut...she said it was something she had "envisioned" in her mind...finding a place so that her 12 year old dog Timber could live his last years in the country instead of New York City.

Then she talks about how she goes to the pound after her dog died to find a dog she had "envisioned" in her mind that she would like to have and she comes home with TWO of these Siberian Huskies and how she spends the last 400.00 that they have to their name on these two dogs vet appointment for shots and neutering and etc....

Her husband comes home and FLIPS out that she had spent the last of the money that they had..and they needed it for rent the following Monday and how could she be so inconsiderate and ridiculous and on and on and now they are broke and have 2 dogs.

(here is the light bulb moment now...) Then I get to this page and there is this little yellow sticky piece of torn paper stuck to this page and right where this little sticky yellow paper is on this page I read....

Buckminster Fuller has always been one of my heroes. Bucky's theory was that if you support the Universe and it's creatures, following your DHARMA, the universe will support you, and that includes economic support.

Now that might not mean a lot to you reading this right now...but for me it was HUGE, bigger than HUGE even!!! As that is how I have always lived and continue to live to this day in the Charity that my son and I have created and the animals that we help and have rescued.

As a matter of fact...every time we have gone to India, we have done this and will continue to do so..forever..

now back to the book...

BBB finishes by saying that she had a Yoga student in New York before she left and he was a Gymnast and him and his wife sent them a card a few days later saying how much he appreciated her helping him with his Yoga practice so that he could live his life without back pain and inside the card was a check for $400.00 and he said his wife and him thought she could use the money! Do you have goosebumps yet???

It happens like this a lot...for me it does anyway. For my husband and myself it happens just like this and I will tell you why. Because two weeks ago my husband was saying to me, "Honey, do you really think we should go to India next year or just skip it."? I said.."We HAVE to go to India next year, we will have the money for the trip, and we are taking those shoes to those Orpahans in mysore and helping them out"!! (he was thinking we should just send them and skip the trip)

Two days later I went to our mailbox and on the very top of the pile of mail was a check...I opened it up and it was a check for $5975.00! It was from a class action suit that the UPS drivers had against the company from about 4 years back.

See how these things work??? The more you give, the more you get. It's always that way, and that is why we never hesitate to just keep on giving to the Universe and its creatures!

OM Shanti!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Body at Rest~A Body in Motion

"A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion"
I don't think there was ever a truer statement made!
At least that is what I live by and have lived by all of my life. Totally a Type A girl.
I have always been active and "in motion".
It reflects on you and the life you lead. It makes you who you are as a person and how you view life and those around you as well. Also as to how you treat others...pretty much.

It's knowing when you're pushing too hard or not pushing hard enough...
it's knowing when to be gentle on yourself and respecting your limits. As we all know...Life is a Journey and the secret of life is enjoying that journey...wherever you may be at this point in time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

"Got Shoes"??!!!

I am so excited I had to retype my password three time's just to get this post up!

Today was the arrival of my first shoe donation! UPS just left...and thanks to Tracey and her Dad Ray...(so odd how they have the same names as myself and my husband....) the first donaters for our charity for the Orphans in Mysore, India.."Walking in Their Shoes"!!!!

Thank You both so deeply from the very depth of my soul for your thoughtfulness and compassion for the children~you are both so truly special for doing this for them and for me~

I have purchased 3 pairs as well...so we now have seven pairs of shoes to date.

I will be collecting shoes up until December 15th...but this really gave me a lift!

Please stay tuned...as I hope this is just the beginning of something truly wonderful~

My address if you would like to send some to donate is~
Tracy Cox
242 Fairmont Drive
Grass Valley,CA

Om Shanti!

A Blessing

May we be loved, happy, healthy, and free.May our friends be loved, happy, healthy, and free.May our enemies be loved, happy, healthy, and free.May all life be loved, happy, healthy, and free.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Deer Man!

This is just one of the gifts my husband received for Fathers Day! He actually looks a lot like my husband too!! (just not the hair part!!)...(Or the body!!)
Happy Dad's Day!
Om Shanti

Saturday, June 16, 2007

a day early...but it means a lot!

And so tomorrow is Fathers Day~ I am a day early on this...but what the heck!

I miss my Father everyday...he was the BEST! I had him with me until he was 92 years old! How lucky is that?! He lived such a good life and treated people with respect and dignity. He never yelled at me or raised a hand to me my whole life. All he did was give me love and that was the greatest lesson and gift I could have ever learned from or have been given.

He still visits me...except now he does it while I am sleeping...in my dream state. But it's like he's right there...

a connection that strong never goes away....

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

My husband of 19 years is also the perfect example of a great Father as well...

he is unselfish, giving, loving and he truly listens. Most of all he makes us laugh! My sons are so lucky to have him for a Father. He would do anything for us..but then that's what a Father does. I have been twice blessed...

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Sanjani~~Child Goddess from Nepal

Even by the standards of the luminaries who sweep through Washington, the little girl in front of Lafayette Elementary School north of the White House was special.
Politicians, power brokers and the occasional celebrities who come through town hope to be respected and maybe, in a childlike place in their grown-up hearts, genuinely liked. Sajani Shakya, 10, is worshipped.
In Nepal, Sajani is a living goddess, one of about a dozen such goddesses in her homeland who are considered earthly manifestations of the Hindu goddess Kali.
Sajani arrived in Washington on Monday to help promote a British documentary about the living goddesses of the Katmandu Valley and to see a bit of the United States. She is the first of the Nepalese living goddesses to come to the United States because the girls live mostly in seclusion.
What does a young goddess do in Washington? Unlike some visitors, Sajani had no plans to ask anyone for anything. Instead, she will go on a private tour of the White House with an interpreter. She hoped also to go to the zoo, perhaps ride a roller coaster, possibly visit a Hindu temple and, in places like the Lafayette school, learn how others live and to show them, however shyly, something of her little-known world."There's nothing I don't like about being a goddess," Sajani said through an interpreter. Then, thinking about her typical day, when she has to rise early for her family and others to pray to her, she added, "It was difficult when I was younger to get up at 4 to bathe for the morning prayers."
The children in Blake Yedwab's third-grade class thought it would be cool to be a god or goddess, though some might argue that American children have already been elevated to that status.
Sajani never gets into trouble. In fact, her family worships her, and if she is in a bad mood, it "becomes a major drama because it's considered bad luck," said Ishbel Whitaker, director of the documentary, "Living Goddess," which revolves mostly around Sajani.
The goddesses of Katmandu are chosen when they are about 2 years old from a Buddhist caste, though they represent a Hindu deity - an example, Whitaker said, of the harmony between the two religions in Nepal.
The king of Nepal has traditionally sought the blessings of the three main goddesses, who live in Katmandu, Patan and, in Sajani's case, the city of Baktapur. Hindu and Buddhist priests pick the living goddesses after consulting a horoscope and then finding a girl who meets "the 32 perfections," Whitaker said, from skin "of golden color" to a body "like a banyan tree."
Devotees believe that the goddess Kali inhabits the girls, though they do not exhibit unusual behavior, and then the goddess leaves them when they reach puberty. After that, the girls retire with a small pension. They are free to work and marry.
"The idea of virginal, pre-menstrual purity, it does seem like a contradiction with worshiping a feminine divine," said Rachel McDermott, associate professor in the department of Asian and Middle Eastern cultures at Barnard College in New York, "but in all this, there is the devotion to purity."
People go to the goddesses to touch their feet as they are carried through the streets. They give them money as offerings, which in Sajani's case goes to support her family. They visit Sajani in the goddess's house, where she sits on a small ornate throne, to ask for a better job, better health, a measure of happiness. The girls are not expected to impart wisdom,
"Are there boy gods?" a boy asked.
There are, but they are not worshiped like the girls. "And one day a year, all the girls are worshiped as goddesses," Whitaker told the children. A collective "harrumph" rose from the American boys.
The film was made from 2005 to 2006, and it captures a Nepal that was roiled by protests against the monarchy and demands for establishing a democracy. The same people who took part in protests against the king also worship Sajani, Hawker said. But as Nepal modernizes and changes, Whitaker noted, parents are less keen for their daughters to become goddesses.
"The potency of the cult diminishes," she said.
Sajani knows she has only a few years left before she must retire. She says she would like to be a teacher someday, but she cries with her mother over the loss of her life as a goddess.
"When I'm not a goddess anymore," she said, "no one will treat me as well as they treat me now."
Oh...such is life....

taking care of business....

This morning I awoke at 6:00 am...and might I say, that is early for this girl!

But I could no longer sleep~ so I jumped up and got myself ready to go.

It has been in the high 90's here each day and the heat really makes me weak. It totally wipes me out~but I wanted to do a 4 miler at the track today...so I got an extra early start to beat the heat.

Awesome run!! I just love the smell of the track...it has this distinct smell...and a true runner would know exactly what I mean! I've never been a competitive runner...but I don't like to be passed up either...does that in fact make me a "Competitive Runner"? I don't know, but I've just never felt like one. This morning I was being lapped by a woman at the track...and like I said...I just don't like being passed up. So I turned on the gas~ I love that I still have "IT". Being almost 46 years old...I feel good about it.

My son and I had to go and apply for his Passport as well~~~wow...he's really joining us next year! It will be so great having him there this time. He will learn a lot...and come back a better, stronger, more compassionate person, with more of an understanding of what we have here compared to what little some have there...I am looking forward to this with him.

So, we have this wonderful used bookstore in town called "Tomes". It's HUGE!! (Ursula, you would disappear never to be found again in this place!!) And we found some great old books..I think one of them must be out of print for sure...But he has these little gems on his shelves and I just love going in there so much!!

Happy Weekend

Om Shanti!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

To see the stars....

Today is a Moon Day...and indeed my body is feeling it. I thought it might partly be from the heat...it's almost 99 degrees here...but it isn't only the heat. I feel like I have bricks on top of my body today. So I did my Yin Practice and got even more of the heavy feeling, but as the Moon changes, so this will also pass.

"Don't cry when the sun is gone,

Because the tears won't let you see the stars"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paying it forward

I have been often asked recently, what prompted me to take up a collection of shoes for the street children of Mysore...
Well, to be perfectly honest, it was something that was bubbling up inside of me for while. Since we have moved from Marin County to a more laid back Grass Valley and I am now "retired" from my Dog Walking Business that I had in Marin..I have had some extra time on my hands.

I knew that I wanted to do something of some good to help the people in India. A place that you all know by now is a place that I love with all my heart. My 16 year old son Oliver just helped plant the seed a bit further into the ground so to speak. Especially when he came to me that day a few weeks ago and told me that HE wanted to do something for the people of India as well.

I guess you could say I have had a "charmed" life. It didn't start out that way when I was born...but I was privileged enough to be adopted when I was just 6 months old...and that is when my life changed..for the better. You could say I am "Paying it forward" in a way. I don't know what my life would have been like if that woman and man who wanted a little girl so badly had not adopted me. Who knows where I would be right now...but I'm here and I CAN make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Along with a little help from my friends...and family!

So in case you are "new" to my Blog....My son and I have started "Walking in their Shoes" and we are collecting new or slightly used shoes for the children of Mysore, India. We already have 6 pairs..(4 are on the way!!) But we still need more!! So if you have any lying around that your children no longer wear...and you have a moment to pack them up...I would be so grateful to you!

Please know that we will be making little tags for every pair of shoes we receive that has your name and where you are from when we give them to the children. You may even get a Thank You letter from them! I will be taking photos when we give them and blogging from India so it will be like you are there!

My address is~

Tracy Cox

242 Fairmont Drive

Grass Valley, CA


Om Shanti!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Idiom in Fort Cochin, India

There is a place in India where my husband and I truly feel is our second home...

whenever we are there it's sort of like this huge "sigh" of relief...and we just know in our heart of hearts this is where we love being.

Its called Fort Cochin and it is in Kerala, South India. It's a quaint little town right on the water and we have many friends there now as we have been there three times already and always stay at least a full week to 10 days every year.

There is this great bookstore that I always load up on books at. It's called "Idiom Booksellers" and the tiny little Indian woman that runs it always gets this huge smile on her face every year when I return and walk in. I don't know her name..and she doesn't know mine...but were friends never the less and she knows I will always be back!

She is so soft spoken and gentle as she glides about her little store, re shelving books or rearranging.

My husband always knows when we get to Fort Cochin that one of my first stops is her little bookstore! If you ever get there stop by and have a look around...I know you won't leave empty handed!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Grace and the Art of Giving....

It's just so amazing to me...that to have someone whom you have never met in real life, could be so unbelievably helpful and giving...but I guess I shouldn't be so surprised...Grace surrounds each and every one of us everyday of our lives...

her wonderful email to me today~~~

Hi Tracy,
A couple notes on shoes - I forgot to tell you that one of those pairs I sent you is from my dad, because he wanted me to buy a pair and donate rather than buy him something for Father's Day, which I thought was really nice. So when you put your tag on it when you give it to ths children, you can put this:
Ray forgue 173 Townsend St. New Bedford, MA 02746

Also, I'm taking up a collection here in St. Pete, so I'm setting aside a box and will throw shoes in them as I get them then will mail you the box as your departure date gets closer.


someone who inspires me...

When my husband and I arrived in Mysore in March of this year, I said something to him one day as we were heading out to go get my hair done at the salon across from the Shala....
What I said was..."Wouldn't it be a treat if we ran into that girl who was in the movie "Guru" while we were here"? Before I go any further..let me just say that sometimes, very often, I will say something and then it will happen...it's like I can foresee it. It doesn't happen everyday granted, but it has happened on more occasions than I can count..and it NEVER takes my husband by surprise anymore.
So anyway...he knew who I meant. She is that very pretty blonde haired girl from the UK and she was living in Mysore and I remembered her so specifically from the movie, as did my husband, because she is just such a "Light" to us when we watch that movie. She is an Inspiration to us both. You know when you see someone...and it's just like..."Wow, what a special spirit that person is". Well...so off we went to get my hair done that afternoon. I had an appointment at 12:30 in the afternoon. My husband escorted me there~so sweet...and we walked in and we sat down and then suddenly...There she was! She was coming out from the back of the salon...and I saw her coming towards us and I looked at my husband and I looked at her and I said (something so stupid) "Aren't you the girl from the movie "Guru"? She couldn't have been sweeter as she laughed and said jokingly.."Oh NO...not again!!" But she came out and we all sat and had a chat together...My husband and I weren't a bit surprised that we saw her...it just seemed meant to be.
We actually felt so comfortable around her, and it was so ironic when she said that she felt like she had known us for years. Because we just felt the same way with her.

Anyway, it was my turn to get fixed up at the salon...so we said our Good-Byes...

But you know how you just can't forget a chance encounter..I emailed her a few days ago telling her how much we enjoyed meeting her and when we get back to Mysore how we would love to see her again. I heard from her via email this morning and it was such a surprise! I know we will reconnect again in Mysore in January~ it's such a nice thing to meet someone who just SO inspires you in your life! What a Blessing she is to this world!

Om Shanti~

Sunday, June 10, 2007

For Oliver's 16th Birthday today...

I hope all your Prayers and Wishes come true.

May Thousands of Blessings rain down on you softly and go deep into your heart...

May you be Healthy and Happy and all you do become benefit to all Beings.

Happy 16th Birthday sweet prince~ I love you!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Our Guruji is BACK!

I'm not sure if everyone saw Jeff and Harmonys post this morning...

here is an excerpt from it...written by a friend of theirs who was taking practice Thursday morning!

"On Thursday, June 8th, Guruji came out and said the opening prayer before the Mysore class. He walked up to the front of the room and chanted it as powerfully as he always does. I found out later that he was so excited to get down to the shala, he was dressed and ready by 4:30 am. Sharath and Saraswathi had to tell him that he had another hour to wait! After class he was sitting in the office, and it was the first time since being sick that I was able to bow to him and touch his feet. Then without me even asking the question, he told me in a very determined voice that he was going be be back teaching in one week!This morning, (June 9th) for usual Friday led-primary class, Guruji was back again to say the opening prayer. Then, it seemed to everyone's surprise, he started to count, without missing a beat, he moved right into leading the whole primary series class. He call the whole thing with all the vinyasa-s, and didn't forget a single posture or side for even a second. It was so powerful. At the end, he stood up without help, and said the closing prayer with such strength both in his stance and his voice. It was an amazing experience to witness. He's back!I just can't express in words how inspired I am by him. I feel truly blessed to have him for our Guru!With Love,Shirley"

What an amazing man our Guruji is!! What a Blessing and what a light~

Keep shining sweet man~

Om Shanti

Friday, June 8, 2007

prayer beads...malas....lessons....

I have been collecting them for awhile. I have quite a few strands that I have purchased from various places. I have crystal Mala's, sandalwood, rose quartz, bodhi seed, rosewood, rudraksha,bone, a coral Mala with turquoise from Tibet, and then I have the strand that is the most dear to me.

It was given to me this year while I was in Mysore visiting my Monk.

It came as quite a surprise...we were out visiting the various Temples and Monasteries.

I was searching around in the Monastery shops for a strand like the one my Monk had around his wrist. It was not costly..maybe 3.00 in our money, but I loved the way it looked around his brown wrist. He was helping me look, he speaks about 5 different languages..so each store we would visit, he would ask them.

No one had them...we must have looked in 10 different shops around the area.

Finally, on our way home back to his Monastery, we looked in one last shop. It was run by the local Tibetans and behind the counter..there it was! A strand just like Chaku's!

So of course I had to get it. Chaku took it in his hand and took his off of his wrist...the strand that he wears everyday and prays with...

and he said to me.."Mama, would you like mine and I will take this one"?

My eyes filled with tears (i told you i cry easily) and I said "Chaku, I can't take those from you...those are your prayer beads..." and with that he took his and placed them around my wrist. I now think back on that moment..and I know it wasn't anything for him to give them to me. He wanted me to have them..and one of his daily practices being a Monk is of course...

Non Attachment...something I struggle with daily. Learning that everything in Impermanent.

He teaches me so much..it's just really GETTING it that's hard to do.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Thursday, June 7, 2007

4 pairs are on the way!!

I am just so touched right now. I received this email this afternoon from an "angel" in Florida!
I am crying...but they are happy tears..for the children.
I will update my shoe count when I receive these and let you all know how many more we will need.
This has made my day!

Hi Tracy,

You should be receiving an email from Payless shortly. I ordered 4 pairs of shoes - two for girls, two for boys in different sizes. I'm so happy you are able to do something like this for the children of India. If possible, could you send me again the original email that you sent to everyone with the information and I will pass it on to my friends and relatives, maybe they will be interested in making a donation.

Tracey M. Forgue

some of the beautiful street girls of mysore..