Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our friend Padmini

Whenever Ray and I go to Fort Cochin we always stop in and see our dear friend Padmini who works at Idiom Booksellers...
she is a petite little woman who always was there at the register when we would walk in and her face would literally "Light Up" when she saw us walk up the steps into the shop! Ours of course would as well...because we Knew that she would be there no matter what day it was. It was something that we counted on..

Before we left Fort Cochin last year, we stopped in to tell Padmini good-bye. We gave her a big tight hug and told her we would miss her and we would see her next time we arrived....
it was then that she told us about the "trouble" that she was having with her brother in law who owned the bookstore. I won't go into details, but she had been there 9 years and he was beginning to give her some problems and she feared for her job in the future there.
It made Ray and I very sad hearing this news...
she is such a Good Person. We had known her for 5 years..and we had become quite good friends.
I gave her my email address and told her to please keep us informed on what was happening. We wanted to know and we wanted to stay in touch with her..

Yesterday I got an email from her...

Hai My dear Ray & Tracy

Happy New Year , How are you? Just i created my email id yesterday so i think to inform you that
this the 1st letter sending to you. when you are coming in india this year?

I lost my job, not myself, but our boss sent me. there's nothing my fault , before christmas i told to the
manager to re arrange the postcards . but he never arranged and our boss seen the simply the postcard stand
is empty. i told that there is no more postcards to fill the stand, never he hearing and send back

I worked there nine and half years , and they not giving the experience certificate and the ten years service also .

I am trying the new job and i will inform you about later.

Thanking you

Your sincere freind

Padmini -Idiom Booksellers

I feel so bad for her, but know that she will have no problem in getting another position as she is so well known in the town and I do know that all of the hundreds of people who pass through the little town and know her and her sweet spirit..will truly miss seeing her there at Idiom Booksellers. But, we will see her when we go back where ever she might be because she is a true friend whom we love and adore~~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life is good (R) Raises Funds for Haitian Children with Special Fundraising T-Shirts Sold Nationally

Life is good (R) Raises Funds for Haitian Children with Special Fundraising T-Shirts Sold Nationally

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SO Proud to be representing this Amazing Company that I TRULY Believe in and LOVE so much! I am honored to be managing one of their stores here in California. "Optimism Has NO Borders!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Helping out Haiti...

Our friend Andy is now in Haiti doing what he can to help all those who are there..
It is so amazing to see what someone who has been successful in life..does with his money for those in need.

Truly humbling...
and so grateful to be his friend!

Love you Andy!

His blog is below...