Monday, April 26, 2010

The Longing..

photo taken in Dharamsala, India 2008
walking along the path behind the main temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Horn Please!

Today...after only ONE Week...my T-Shirt from the "Fading Ladies" arrived all the way from Delhi, India! And let me tell you...they did Not dissapoint!
The shirt is adorably amazing and the back of the t-shirt made me smile..it say's "Horn Please" on a little label that is sweetly sewn on~~~all cotton. Gorgeous!

They included two little cards connected with a bangle! What a class act!
If you love India..and Love to support worthwhile Charities..please visit their website and place your order. Only one week..all the way from Delhi~ Wow!
and here is the charity that the money will go to
Thank You Fading Ladies! Keep on doing what your doing. I Will be back!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"I'm not a Tourist, I live here"

This is from a fellow blogger currently living in India...
and what she and a few lady friends have decided to do to "Give Back"~
I placed my order for mine last week...

I love the idea of giving to a different charity each month...and may just follow suit in the future. As they say "Share the Love"..
the T-Shirt made me smile too, as that will be my status one day as well!
She ships directly from Delhi and the T-shirt with shipping is only 20.00.
If you'd like one please click on "Delhi Bound" in my friends link to the right~


Last December, I posted about feeling as though I was disappearing. It was based off of a conversation I'd had with a friend about how your "who I am" mantra can easily be reduced to feeling as though you're accomplishing nothing.
Then a couple of months ago, several gals and I were sitting around discussing the same thing. We discussed the "I'm with Sir" concept of being an expat wife here in Delhi. That discussion turned into sharing some really funny (REALLY funny) t-shirt slogans ... totally tongue in cheek ... that we thought would be funny to actually have made.

One thing led to another ... and the Fading Ladies group was born.

There are seven of us gals ... all working together to create some pretty great tshirts (if I don't say so myself) .... all in the name of charity.

Our debut shirt has been a HUGE hit and with barely any marketing work, we've nearly sold out of our first production run!

It says "I'm not a tourist, I live here."

Perfect for those market shopping days when you just want the fair price! Already, we've gotten word of so many great stories from gals as they've worn their shirt around town!

100% of the profits of these t-shirts go directly to charities that we choose on a rotating basis.

Our first charity is Jaipur Foot -- and it is so exciting to be able to explain to purchasers of our t-shirts that they are literally putting legs on folks who otherwise would not walk.

We have many more designs ... up our sleeves ... and many more charities that we will be honored to support.

Check out our website! FADING LADIES WEBSITE

If you're in Delhi, we'll deliver! If you're outside of Delhi, we'll ship to you (with an increased purchase price). Once we sell out, we move to the next design, limited quantities!

Our second shirt will debut next week at a special morning coffee and will be available for sale (and highlighted on our website) on Thursday, April 8th.

* * *

This project may not mean we will be presenting a check of tens of thousands of dollars to our selected charities, but it sure feels good to be having fun and helping as much as we can along the way!

The Fading Ladies are armed with a sense of purpose and an excitement to give back to the community we're living in AND at the same time put a smile on the faces of those IN our community.