Friday, February 3, 2023

Time to write again...

I'm sitting here in our condo rental in Bangkok, Thailand..

It is, in all honesty, absolutely Surreal...

Ray is now retired from UPS as of January 21st (officially) and we have made yet another dream come true.


The "Land of Smiles" aka "The Kingdom Thailand"

However you decide to say it, we Have Arrived...once again and this time for good.We brought our girl Fiona with us and she is just as lethargic and not too thrilled as she was the last time we decided to live in Thailand. But we had no choice, because rehoming her wasn't an option.

So we wake up with the birds, before the sunrise and we get her out for her morning walk/workout before the heat and humidity of the city starts doing it's thing.

We really don't mind our new routine either, because we get to bed early and it's just such a peaceful time and the weather is so fresh and new...like being reborn each and every morning. 

I Love It.

Our new chapter. 

We're still setting things up though, because we are renting this condo for one month and after that we don't know where we will be living in Thailand.

It's exciting and a bit nerve racking as we have Fiona to think about and we know we want a condo. This time we want a smaller place than we had the last time we lived in Hua Hin.

So we will go with the flow and manifest that perfect spot.

It's all just one Big Exciting Adventure.

We're ready. Bring it!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

what doesn't kill you...

Here I am, sitting in the restaurant of the hotel here in Leh Ladakh..
Thankful to be here..

It wasn't such an easy start upon arrival.

It seems as though the program I am in accepted far too many students and they didn't have the rooms for them.
There were quite a few unhappy Yogis and Yoginis.

I was brought to a hotel that I never booked into and the room was like dark prison cell and cold. SO COLD!!
I was bundled up in a down jacket, gloves, wool socks and full clothing and under a wool blanket and my teeth were still chattering.

I went to the people who were in charge letting them know that I was in pain being in that room..literally. I have arthritis and that cold was chilling me to the bone.

After much back and forth with them (and 8 other guests who were equally unhappy)
they moved us to the hotel we were supposed to be in in the first place.
I think I cried my body weight in tears and after just arriving and being at such a high altitude it was not a good situation. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.
My head was throbbing so bad and I felt so nauseous and dizzy and my mouth was so dry and I had been drinking water All Day Long.

So I started deep breathing and took an Ibuprofen and drank even more water and somehow, after much prayer as well...I pulled through it.

I woke up this morning and felt so much better and when I pulled back the curtains the sun was beaming into my room and it was so bright and warm.

A new day. A better day.

I'm going to go forth with a positive mind set and get through my program.
It's not going to be a cakewalk thats for sure. 
There are going to be so many challenges ahead of me on this journey I am embarking on.

But you know that old saying..
What doesn't kill you Makes you Stronger.

I'm still standing.
Sat Nam

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Delhi, New Friends

11 hours of sleep
and I feel zero jet lag.

I'm staying in the sweetest Air BnB that Ray found online for me and other than the location, I love it here.

It's immaculate and the hosts are extremely accommodating and have made me feel right at home.
I'm so lucky I stayed here as there is a fabulous little 3 table restaurant right out my door and down the stairs and it's all inside, so I never have to leave my building. 
My hosts live up at the top of the marble staircase and they are such a cute couple.

It's quite an unusual story in regards to their relationship actually..

Geeta and Vivek are their names and they are 20 something and she is a tall, slender gorgeous Indian woman with a cute short haircut and he reminds me of the actor Dev Patel who played in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel..
speaking of which...their relationship is quite a lot like the couple in that movie!
Let me explain...

Geeta lives upstairs with Vivek and she told me that they have been in their relationship now for 3 years and her parents as well as his parents know of this and are fine with it..
they have just decided they will marry in one year.

Viveks parents have the restaurant downstairs and she helps out there with Vivek and she also makes Chai for me 

she comes to chat with me in my room and she told me that she loves to go to Rishikesh when she can as she loves the yoga there and she would love to go there with me one day.
She does her worship of Lord Krishna and she enjoys it very much~

It's so nice when you find a like minded soul like this all the way across the world and you just happen to connect in such a beautiful way with similar interests.

They have both helped me so much since I have been here to make sure I have everything I need..even to the extent of topping up my phone with minutes, bringing me bottles of water and booking my Uber to the airport when I leave for Leh on Saturday.

Upon my return to New Delhi on my way home, I have one more night here with them and I'm so glad I do, theres no place I'd rather stay to finish up my trip back here in India.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Manifesting what we want

If there is one thing in this life of mine that I know to be true, it is just this.
You have the capability to Manifest Whatever You Desire.

Let me repeat that.

You Have The Capability To Manifest WHATEVER YOU DESIRE.

I have done it numerous times in my life. From living in countries that I love, to moving to new places that I really wanted to live, to trips that I wanted to take that seemed Impossible to go on.
I Manifested each time to make each one of these dreams and thoughts a Reality.

You can do it too.

It is Not Impossible..because actually that word Impossible broken up is

I'm Possible.

You are! We are! And everything you truly desire is as well.

I am now out of that Darkness and Rain of Washington and in my new home in SUNNY Palm Springs.

I am in a Vintage Retro Park about one mile from downtown Palm Springs and this particular park is one I had been researching and wanted to live in more than anywhere here...
the thing was, was that these places Very Rarely go up for sale and when they do, they usually sell in a day or two because people are watching and waiting...

We were here for two weeks and we found ONE in the park and it was only for rent..
I asked if they would sell it and they said "Regretfully not at this time. We want to rent if for at least one year"
So we signed a One Year lease..
but everyday I kept thinking in my mind.."I really don't want to rent for a year, I just want to buy it"!!

We were in here for one week and the owner came to our gate one morning at 10:00 am and he told us that he was thinking about things and he felt like he was taking our money and it wasn't fair. He told us that he would be back in one hour with the papers and we could buy the place!!!!

Did it Again!

We are in the park I wanted, in the cutest place imaginable, with RENT CONTROL and the Funnest Neighbors and the Best part of town and we Own our Place!

Never underestimate the power you hold in your mind and your thoughts.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coming back to the Light

I have to be completely honest..
as if you didn't already guess..

I've been sad lately.
It's so not my character and some days I didn't even recognize myself.

I'm the kind of girl who wakes up in the morning and sings.
But not these days..

It's been a very long and very sad 7 months.
I tried most everything I knew to try and pull myself out of it, but nothing seemed to work.

I ran.
I practiced Yoga.
I meditated.
I did Pranayama.
I walked.
I read.
I prayed.
I asked for guidance from the Universe.
I asked the Angels to help me too...

but then I was just there, in the sadness still.

It all started when we moved back from Thailand.
When we moved to the PNW.
It's so gloomy most days and it rains when it really shouldn't rain (at least not where I come from)
It snowed...more than it ever has in the history of this town, so they all said.
It was cold, so cold that my body ached from the cold.

I've never been the type of person who doesn't go outside.
Every. Single. Day.

but I didn't go outside for a lot of days..
days that turned into night and I thought they would never end..those days.

But things are beginning to change now.
We are having some sunny days, and yes, it still rains on days when it really should not (at least not where I come from)
We are getting this Tiny House we bought back on the market.
There are so many people who drool over our place when we tell them about it.
People who live here and Love it here..
I still don't get it, but I have come to realize that thats a good thing.
Just imagine if everyone was unhappy in the same place..
can you?
It would be terrible.

So this girl is starting to smile more and on some days you can hear her sing in the morning again.
She's excited about her new future.

Everything takes time.
The hands of a clock never stay in the same place.
She won't either..
at least not here.
It's not her place.

Oh this life.
*deep sigh*
Life goes on and on and on.
Some days are just better by the moment.
And she likes these days.

A Lot.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

With hands in Prayer..

Getting ready for some more changes in my life once again...
Always anticipating and embracing the new and sending out the old with a hug and hands in 
Thankful for it all...

Time to get the blog opened up again..
it's been a bit.

The Himalayas are calling and I will go in September, but first we sell our Tiny House in the PNW and move to warmer and sunnier climates. It's always where we are the happiest.

Stay tuned..
more to come shortly!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Indian Cinema and Day one at Prana Vasha TT

Yesterday was a completely full and wonderful day!

It started out with Chai at Sri Durgas with my good friends here in Mysore and they invited me out to the Cinema to see "Lucy" with Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson...
It was Intense to say the least and we All Loved it!!

It is actually my second cinema experience in India. My first one was seeing the movie "Rambo" with 4 Tibetan Monks about 6 years ago...

Don't ask.

Oh the fun I have had in my life!

Afterwards we scooted back to Gokulam as I had a date with some of my Facebook friends, one of which I had never met and one in which I had!
They are newlyweds who met 4 years ago on line and they are the most adorable couple and SO in love. Kamakshi and Harish. 
We met at the Coconut stand and had a coconut together when up walked one of my dearest friends here in Gokulam! Pavi from "The Green House". 
The really ironic part of the whole thing was that Kamakshi had wanted to go and meet Pavi and we had planned on going to see him..and he just appeared! 
It was crazy and wonderful!

We all walked back to The Green House, Pavi's little store on Shala Road and we had such a great visit, as we always do at Pavi's. He is a treasure chest of the most wonderful knowledge and I honestly could sit and talk with him for hours on end...and we did.

It's Monsoon season here in Mysore so we had intermittent rain showers so we sat and talked and learned things from Pavi and we ate home made Banana Chips from Pavis store and they were Sooooooooo Gooooooood, that I Had to buy a jar to take home with me!!
Seriously the Best I have ever had in my life.

It was late when we finally said our good-byes and I had a long walk home which wasn't bad, but it had gotten dark and I am always in by nightfall here.
I made it home safely and realized I had to get my bucket bath and get ready for bed and quick as I had to be up at 5:00 this morning to get ready for my first day at the shala with my teacher!!

Bright and early this morning my driver and good friend Raju was right on time to collect me for my class and off we went into the fresh, dewy Indian morning...me happily in the back seat of a rickshaw!