Thursday, November 11, 2010


As it most always has in the past.
Our lives were turned upside down 2 years ago when we made the Biggest mistake of our lives (we thought) of leaving Marin and moving to Grass Valley. Hence Ray losing all of his seniority with UPS. The company that he had worked at and Loved for 20 full years.

Everything was peachy at first after the move..but when we returned from our 6 week trip to India he had been put on "lay off". And I think all of you know why..starts with an "E" (economy)... :0(

We had no choice but to leave GV and he put in his resignation..it was hard to do, made us sick to our stomachs..because we lost it all..20 years down the drain.

He was hired right away in the town we live in, (with another shipping company) the place where we met, living in the house he was born in...it was like coming Full Circle...without UPS as our provider. It was bittersweet to say the least...

But everyday, for Two full years, I have been envisioning him back at UPS. With that brown uniform..him behind that wheel of that 18 wheeler that he knows how to drive so Perfectly well!

And...yesterday...they hired him back!!!!!! My husband is back with the company that he only had 8 more years to retire with (and he's only 43 I might add!!). He got it ALL back! My Prayers and my Visualizing came to pass.....

I worked it...hard.

He starts the Monday after Thanksgiving Holiday..and Yes, we Do have much to be Thankful for this year indeed...

So, it looks like our plans are on hold for India. Because after he retires (at a very young age) with Full Pension now and Benefits...we will be set once again..and then...Look Out!

India....we will be back. Just with a little more $$ in our pockets!