Thursday, February 28, 2008

David Archuleta- Imagine...you don't have to...this kid IS the Star of the show!

If I was a bettin' woman...I'd put all my money on this kid.
God, do I love his voice!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wake me up when its SPRING!

Wow! I went Crazy today outside in my yard!!!!

I think I just may have jumped the gun..so to speak though!

I went to the nursery and bought Tulips and Primrose plants and put them all around my back yard because...gosh darn it..I am Ready for Spring!

I have this welling up inside of me..this yearning for Flowers and Sun and Springtime!

I am one of those people who love every season..none of that depression that some get with the winter months...I just embrace it all..but I have been running like a madman in anticipation of my marathon this weekend in LA...I hear its been really quite lovely there by the way..thank you Ganesha! Who wants to run 26.2 miles in the rain??? Anyone???Anyone???

Not I...

So on a wing and a prayer, my new planted flowers will bloom and live and I will run my marathon in the absolute amazingly beautiful California sun on Sunday...and life will go on ..and all will be as it should be!

Here we go...ready or not!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Operation Shanti Updates!

A big Thank You to Operation Shanti for the newsletter updates!! I feel so close to so many of the women and children that I met while in Mysore..and its so nice to see how some of them are doing, as I was concerned for a few who were ill..as well as saddened by the one loss in January...
Thank You also for putting in the newspaper article on Jan and Miaka...I know they wish to remain anonymous...but their love and dedication to the kids and moms is so beautiful to see..and I am SO happy to see an Indian citizen realize this and be touched in such a deep way by it.
That's how Change Begins in the world!
I will be checking in each month to see whats going on and the progress with the new building!! Please read it for yourselves by clicking on the link to the right---------->
Oh..and you know I will be back one fine day as well..to see everyone again...and bring a little something for the kids!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Waiting Game....in Magical India!

I was talking to my friend Tracey in Florida last night and telling her about the day I went to the Shala to buy some t-shirts and stuff....
I promised her I would post some stories on my blog now and then of my trip there last month....
so here goes...
One day I decided to go to Guruji's and see if I could buy some things to bring back as gifts..
I was told that if you don't practice at the shala...you won't be able to buy anything! Tip #1...Never say Never! Especially to me! That word does not exist in my world...
I showed up at the shala and walked up the infamous steps and entered the door...and there was Sharath..looking directly at me...and my heart fell into my stomach as the fear rose up inside of me. I thought to myself (briefly) Sharath is not going to let me buy anything since I don't practice here....
He said to me "Yes"?
I said to him "Hi Sharath, I was wondering if it would be OK if I bought some t-shirts from the shop"?
He said "You practicing here"?
I said "No, I am here dong some charity work with Tracy of Operation Shanti, I brought some shoes from America for the street kids"
He....silence and thinking...
Me...silence and hoping...
He said"You come back at 4:30 and you can buy"
Me...HUGE Smile...."OK, Thank You Sharath"
so I went outside and sat there on one of the cement stoops and thought I would wait...it was only one hour away and I just love to watch people...so I did.
The dog..who you may notice if you have been to Gokulum, as he's been around awhile came up and laid down in front of the shala's driveway with me..
then the little thin old man came over and sat next to me..and we smiled at one another...he never said a word...never asked me for a thing...just sat there with me for an hour...
but during that hour, actually every 15 mins or so as we sat there I gave him little gifts from my bag...
I found it fun~
first I gave him a banana..and held brought it to his third eye with hands in namaste thanking me...then I gave him a bottle of water..he looked rather thirsty and it was so warm out....he loved that...soon after the water I gave him 10 rupees...for later...chai or something...whatever...
he was just so cute to sit with me and keep me company...we conversed without speaking one word during that hour..I felt so close to him..it was really quite an experience..
right before it was time for me to go in and shop..I thought about how much money I would most likely be spending in the shala...and thought I would give my little friend one last parting gift..so I reached down into my bottomless bag..and pulled out a crisp 500 rupee note and looked at him with a big smile and handed it to him!
He was so surprised..and so thankful and just watching his reaction was more than I could have ever asked for in return! He let me take his picture and then I said "Namaste" and bowed to him as he did to me and I walked in.
Just another day in Magical India!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running Divas Rock It!!!!

Have to give a shout out to one of my Favorite Vendors at the Marathon Expo!!!!
Running Divas!!! Amazing couple who began this clothing line for women runners. I have quite a few pieces of their clothing line...and they always turn heads! Aeron is an AWESOME runner who logs 60 miles per week!! Her legs are drop dead gorgeous! There is a HUGE banner of her at their booth...and men stand there with their tounges hanging out of their mouths..what a bod! The most I have ever been able to log per week is 48 miles...I'll not try to out do her!!
I will see her next weekend..and restock my clothing supply!!!

About Divas

Running Divas is a clothing line that inspires women to live fun, active, outdoor lifestyles. A hip new line of casual wear for mile-minded women that’s cute and playful, with slogans and styles that celebrate running — a labor of love.

Originators, Aeron Arlin Genet and Marc Genet are lifestyle runners. They both grew up in the surf, skate and cowgirl culture of California. Started running in junior high and never stopped — competition is an integral part of who they are. Hiking and running are a daily part of their lives on California’s Central Coast with plenty of off-leash areas to venture with their dog Hank.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Love them..

Sometimes I read blogs and I just get so sad...

people pour their hearts out to others...especially when they are in a difficult time in their lives.

Its sad to me..

I sometimes feel like I wish I could help everyone feel better. I feel their pain, and its hard.

Its not something I keep with me all day everyday though..I am able to let it go.

But it still hurts none the less...

I especially can't stand it when I see the news and read about the cruelty towards animals..

I am speaking of the recent Beef Recall...

I couldn't bring myself to watch the video of the abuse those poor animals endured on their walk to the slaughter house...just reading it tore me to pieces.

I have not eaten meat in 6 years now.

I never will again either.

I am strong, vibrant and healthy without it...there is no reason to take the life of an animal and eat it as far as I am concerned.

I just wish everyone felt that way...

but I know that everyone feels differently about that issue...its just my opinion and my compassion for those who can't speak and are so innocent and helpless...

its just so tragic to me.

I wish we could all just love them and not eat them!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The 23rd Los Angeles Marathon!

Going for it!!!

Be on the Start Line at Universal Studios Hollywood for the 23rd annual City of Los Angeles Marathon Presented by Honda. This race features more entertainment per mile than any race in the world. What else would you expect on a course that runs through the Heart of Hollywood? A great marathon for first-timers, it features a point-to-point course that is mostly downhill after the first three miles. Run past the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the new Nokia Theater, into East Los Angeles and across the 6th Street Bridge with a spectacular view of the Hollywood Sign, the dramatic downtown skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

Oh Yeah!!! It'll be good to be back home! I WILL be Crying at the starting line...and Smiling at the Finish Line! Memories of my childhood always creep back up on me when I get back to LA..I have nothing but the Best memories..and I always feel my Dad with me when I run that race...its all good.

Friday, February 15, 2008


My children are growing up so fast...one is already the father of two, and my youngest is turning 17 in June. Wow...where in the world did the time go? I was in a meeting this morning with his teacher for 3 hours. She told me he is an excellent student...and so far advanced..its nice to hear that your child does well. He will graduate from school in January. He has so many extra credits. We are so proud. I know that the sky is the limit with him.
He is such a great artist and so sensitive and kind towards others...a really wonderful son. I am blessed.
It has been so beautiful here lately. The sun is out everyday and as I walk my dogs along the streets, I see how beautiful it is here where we moved. There are so many trees and the mountains are breathtaking to behold. It is a magical place...it feels so good here. I had the mountains in Marin too...not snowy ones though!

I am supposed to run the Los Angeles Marathon in two weeks...didn't do any training while in India..but have been putting in about 20 miles a week since I returned. I promised myself I would give running up and focus only on Yoga...but this is a Runner Girl at heart. I had a classic Mercedes Benz..a 280 SEL, white with black leather interior..it was right out of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"..a head turner..I had license plates that said RNR GIRL I was a hardcore runner then (about 8 years ago) putting in 45 to 55 miles per week...I deserved those plates then! I earned them!! I suppose I will never be able to give it up. I dream of running...and when I lace up my Nikes and step outside...my feet just take me...its like I am flying.
So giving up running at this point isn't really an option...maybe when I am 90...then I will re-evaluate it all!

Life, Love and Laugh..and run often!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today of course is Valentines Day....a day like any other really...but it has always been a day when my Love and I exchange a card to one another...and when we were younger, actually just dating I remember one evening when he came to pick me up on Valentines Day.
He took me to a very fancy French place called "La Gare" and when they took us to our table and we sat down...I didn't realize at first that ALL the tables didn't have a dozen red roses on their table...it is so funny when I think back on that night. It was all so sweetly planned out for me...we got married soon after and you know, he is still just as romantic.
I got a "singing" card this morning...and I think it might just die on me later as everytime I pass by it, I just have to play it again!
Have a Beautifully Romantic Day with your Beloved this day~

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A letter from Anu in India..Please Read~

I just this moment received this email from my dear friend in India, Anu...which many of you know
if you have traveled to Gokulum in Mysore to eat her wonderful food and or use the Internet as well..Please take a moment to read it...it would mean a lot.
Thank You on behalf of Anu~

My dear friends,

Today (12 February 2008) was my second experience with English-Kannada-English translation for one of the Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Odanadi. Many of you know about this organisation. My first experience was with Operation Shanti and I know that many of you know about this wonderful organisation and that some of you have worked with Tracy Kunichika, the founder and Director of Operation Shanti.

First of all, I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me to be translator as it has affected my spirituality like a bolt of lightning. It has made me realize that a lot of us, actually, have no reason to complain about most things in our day to day life, families, relationships, money, comfort, cleanliness and a whole lot of other issues that we think are constantly affecting us.

In the course of translation on both occasions, I learnt the most devastating reasons for women and their children to end up on the streets. Women being turned out of their homes because their husbands had found someone else, or that she had not borne a male child, or then she failed to get more money for her in-laws from her parents, even after paying a dowry (complicated for some of you who do not know how this vicious system works), and many more. Unfortunately, these are the reasons that plague women not only in the low strata of society, but also amongst the middle classes and above. Whereas in the middle and upper classes of our society, either women are educated enough to fend for themselves, or their parents accept them back into their homes - but this is another saga - those that are very poor and illiterate, cannot afford to even feed their own poor illiterate daughters who usually return to their parents after unfortunate atrocities, with a child or two in tow. Many of such unfortunate women saddled with small children are turned away by parents and in-laws and left to fend for themselves. With no home, no money and no support of any kind, such women either take their own lives (not willing to compromise their honour) or come down to cities in search of work or to beg, in order to feed themselves and their children. Most of them do not even know their rights as women or that there are 'help lines' and shelters for destitute women all over India. Those that approach the police encounter other humiliating problems, which we will not go into at this point.

Many of us women have, at some point of time, encountered some sort of sexual assault, on the streets, in lonely places, and even in the sanctuary of our own homes by known or unknown people. I shudder to think what a woman who comes from the security of a home, straight on to the streets, would encounter...

Can you imagine what little children, who are their mothers' only baggage and possession, would be going through, during the day and at night...

Most of us cannot.

Almost all people that live on the streets seek solace in cheap alcohol and cheaper spirit based chemicals. They easily become addicts. To satisfy their addiction, and feed the little mouths that are constantly hungry they resort to prostitution for meagre amounts of money; taking on as many 'takers' as they can in a day. Some make a living out of begging as well (actually turns out to be more lucrative as the money is earned easily). Many of them sell flowers, fruits and vegetables on the streets on a minimal scale earning as small amounts between fifty to a hundred rupees (less than three US$) a day. Most of the women, children and even men living on the streets contract TB, STDs and/or HIV & AIDS to name a few major sicknesses. With no support of any kind or home addresses, they fail to get medical aid even from free Government hospitals. Most of them succumb to these fatal illnesses rather painfully. The quality of their lives has in fact, no quality at all.

The purpose of my writing this mail to all my friends is to humbly request each one, to spend a few minutes in trying to empathise with these very unfortunate women and children. Please know that each one of you has been blessed with education, literacy, awareness and sustenance. The women and children I am referring to have had perhaps our share of suffering as well. Let us do something about it now. Let each one of us, in our own small way make one small commitment to this most genuine cause. You may like to look around in your own home towns where (I'm sure) there are the very unfortunate people. Please extend your hand in compassion. Material help is not everything. Even spending a few minutes with such unfortunate people would give them the strength to go on. Those of you, who wish to know about or join hands with Operation Shanti and Odanadi institutions, please visit their websites.


Those of you who would not mind circulating this note to your friends with a personal touch and request, please, please, do not hesitate to do so. It would be wonderful for some of the most unfortunate people in the world to have your blessings.

Anu's Bamboo Hut, Mysore

Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Grateful and Living in the Moment

I am now finally settled and grounded being back home. I am happy to be here, yet treasure all of my memories of my recent trip to India...
I had many stories to tell this weekend. All of my clients who came to me for a Healing were so interested in hearing about my trip and what it was that I experienced. I had much to share..and yes, I did cry.

I have come home to some sad news...
I found out that my grandson had been rushed to the hospital while I was gone..but thankfully he is so much better. He is so very frail..but he will prevail..that I have no doubt.
My husbands mother has been diagnosed with bone cancer...and we are keeping her in our prayers each day. It just makes you wake up that much more when you get news like this...to live each day to its fullest. Live each moment as it comes. Life is a beautiful gift and a journey..and it does not end here....It is only the begining once we leave this earth. That is what I truly feel with all of my heart.
A dream that suddenly we awake from..and then...We are Home at last~~

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Chanting and Meditation teachers...in India

Dr. M.A. Jayashree & Prof. M.A. Narasimhan
Dr. Jayashree is the head of the department of Sanskrit at the local college in Mysore.
Professor Narasimhan was a direct student of Maharishi Maheshi Yogi and worked with him for more than 12 years.
Together they have taught us philosophy and Sanskrit chanting within the context of the Yoga Sutras.
The depth of their knowledge and patience is always humbling, and the gift of their teaching is a true blessing.
Blessings to you both, you taught me so much!
Om Shanti

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Indian dinner "ala" Tracy...sorry Anu!!

I know, I know...I took not One but Two awesome cooking classes from Anu...and i still can't do it.
I made Indian food this evening..but of course it wasn't from scratch like Anu does it...
I am STARVING and Ray is at work..so dinner is mine tonight and I was craving Indian food...so here we go...Lola thinks it looks good!! Here's to you Anu! Cheers! Love you , Miss you..miss your food!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Gift

I have a client that I had seen before I left for India. She was very, very sick. She was told that she had brain tumors that were "in-operable"...they told her she wouldn't live. She has a 3 year old daughter and a beautiful husband who adores her....
She called me..told me she wanted a Healing...one turned into Three and then she wanted a Reconnection. I did them all....she was due to go back for her check up with her doctor on the day after I left for India. She went..they told her they would have her come back on the 30th..the day before I left India for home. That day I didn't feel so good all day, and couldn't figure why..I wasn't sick...just felt "off" all day. I didn't know it then, but today I found out, that on the 30th she went in for surgery. They said there was "No aggressive growth" from the 11th to the 30th..but that they were going in and get what they saw. She has come out of surgery with 100% recovery expected! They got all that was there and she has had a complete transformation. Before, she had given up her will to live...her home was a mess...but she didn't care..she wanted to spend her last few months of her life with her family...but now she is home and wants to clean and organize and Live her Life!! Her husband said that "she is like a new person" She is excited about life now....

Healings can happen and Prayers can be answered...She is living proof!
Today is a Good Day, a Very Good Day!
I leave for Marin on Saturday morning at 6am...I have 14 Healings scheduled in my dear friends office in Greenbrae...it will take me two days...and I can hardly wait!


Monday, February 4, 2008

No more Chai! and that Necklace!

Thanks for the wonderful memories!!! I had the Best time with you three!! Ganesh...keep the necklace..it's just so "You"!! You made me laugh when I saw that photo!!
Liz...what can I say~ you are priceless~
Blessings to you all!!
xxooxxoo Tracy

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Snowy Welcome Home!

I am Home! The flight was pretty hair raising though...from Korea to San Francisco at about 5 hours until landing we had the absolute WORST turbulence I have ever experienced in my entire life...I honestly thought that was it...that we were going down. The woman sitting in front of me with her little girl actually screamed at one point...thats when I grabbed onto the guys arm seated next to me and said (Ganesh this ones for you!) "OH MY GOD"....he just smiled calmy and said nothing in return. The flight attendants were practically running to get people seated and back to their seats. When it finally stopped (2 hours later) and I had been praying and while knuckling it...I got up and went to the rear of the aircraft and said to one of the male flight attendants. "I don't know how you do this for a living...because after that I don't know if I will ever fly again" to which he answered "That was pretty bad, but I have been through worse"!
Needless to say, I was very thankful when we touched ground in SF!
My husband drove up and jumped out of the car and so did Bindi one of my three dogs who came along to welcome me home. My husbands first words to me were "Your home..and so skinny"! I lost about 10 pounds, not because of sickness..I am lucky to never have gotten sick while in India. But I eat a lot less there. Things will change now..my husband has the menu planned out..and has already started cooking me "Shrimp Enchiladas" and some "Anchor Steam Beer" for dinner tonight!! I just got up..I slept last night from 7 pm until 4 pm today!! I needed that SO much and you know that my bed felt like a puffy cloud and I had all my dogs snuggled up with me and the snow falling out side..how could I get up??!!
I dreamt of India! I had a dream of Anu..she was telling me about something from her childhood..what I don't recall (sorry anu!!) then I dreamt of Ganesh..he was making some joke and then he took me on a walk through the streets of India with another Indian man. And then..who know why..I dreamt about Paris Hilton...WHY??!!! Who knows! Maybe because I am back in California...I have NO idea what so ever.
My husband and I want to sincerely thank my most Gracious Hosts, Anu and Ganesh for taking such good care of me while I was in Gokulum for 3 weeks. Ray wants me to tell you both how much he appreciates what you did for me! He said to tell you both that "You are the best people ever, and Thank You so much!" and you know its true~ you guy's are!
So for any of you readers who are single women or are with a partner but plan on going to India and are a bit apprehensive to go alone..Don't Be!! Stay with Anu and Ganesh and you will feel like you are right at home, and looked after SO well!!
I must tell you that I was a little bit dissapointed when I woke up and that Harish or Kumar were not at my door with a cup of Chai!!!
Love to you both!