Monday, November 30, 2009

Thirteen more "Practice for the Children Pendants" going out today..and just got 50 more boxes for shipping...

so you know what that means!!

We are at Ninety Three pendants now sold for the children of Operation Shanti and $1450.00!!
I have more pendants on the way!!!!
I have Plenty for the holidays~~~all I need is your order, OH..and a photo of you wearing it! ;~)

Thank You all so Very much for your gracious support thus far..but we have a Long way to go!!! Everyone needs one of these very special pendants, and after you have yours you will understand why.
There are many blessings associated with these..not only for the children, but in memory of Guruji...

I had this email from Kevin in the UK this morning and it touched me so deeply that I had to repost a portion of it...

Hi Tracy,

I think what you have been doing is wonderful and such a great cause, raising money for it in this way is also bringing the yoga community together from all corners of the world. For those of us who still aspire to get to Mysore, its an inspiration to keep the hope alive that one day we will get to practice there and see first hand how your work is helping to change the lives of children.

Hopefully one day we will all meet in Mysore and recognise each other through our Pendants.

I was just so pleased that Tiff mentioned it and that I was able to make my tiny contribution to such a worthwhile cause.

THANK YOU for doing it



"Do your Practice and All is Coming"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Saying 'thank you' is more than good manners. It is good spirituality."
~Alfred Painter

I Thank You All who have supported the "Practice for the children Pendant" charity for 2010 and in that helping the children of Operation Shanti in Mysore, India~

I have plenty more pendants if you would like to get one for yourself or a gift~ just click on the side bar where it says "Pendant" and I will get one out to you!
They are only $34.00 and that includes shipping anywhere in the world!

Then send me a photo of you wearing your pendant and you will be in the collage that I am having made by "Jim" in Chicago..a retired editor for the Chicago Tribune!!
I need at least 70 photos to make it work though...
so Please send them in!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Collage for the children 84 pendants sold and $1315.00..so far!

I decided to have a nice collage made for the children of Operation Shanti with photos of everyone who bought a "Practice for the children Pendant"!
I have received a handful..but we have sold 85 pendants!! So I need MORE photos~~~

I thought it would be fun for them to see who helped support them and also to see you all with the pendants on!
My dear friend Lisa hooked me up with a gracious man who is a retired editor for the Chicago Tribune and he is creating this beautiful piece of art work for me~
What you see above is just a little something I created on "Big Huge Labs" to give you an idea of what is being created~

So, when you have a moment..snap a photo of your beautiful self, adorned with your "Practice for the children Pendant" on and send it to me in an email and I will forward it to Jim!

We have now raised an Amazing $1330.00 for the children of Operation Shanti...
if that doesn't make you feel good...
well, I don't know what else could! I Thank You All~~ and I have another 10 being made..so there are Plenty more on the way!!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what you all did for the children of Operation Shanti~

has been overwhelming!!

We had 74 orders for "Practice for the children Pendants"

We raised $1165.00 for the children of Operation Shanti~

and there is more....
but that will have to wait until another update. But trust me on this one..it is GOOD!

I have had the question asked..
"Will there be a chance if someone wants a pendant that more can be made?"
the answer is without a doubt...
but..they must be Pre-ordered and that can be done by going to the right side bar and ordering it directly through Paypal.

I would Love to raise even More Money for the children of course.
The holidays are coming up...and we will all be very busy...but the maker of these beautiful pieces has agreed to do more if the orders come in.

So, that being said, I hope if you would like to get one..or a gift for someone for the holidays that you will consider it~

I Thank You All..
I bow to you in deep Gratitude and...
for all of those who have already ordered one..or one for a gift..Please,Please email me a photo of yourself and those whom you bought one for wearing your pendant as I having a special gift made with them for the children of Operation Shanti and one for someone Very special as well~~ ;0)

Right after I posted this I had Another request for a pendant..so I have 10 more being made right now!! Place your order!!! :0) (there are 7 of those 10 now available!!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Last one is gone....BUT we have more coming!!!

As with everything...all wonderful things come to an end~~~~
and this is the last of the Beautiful "Practice for the Children Pendants"~~~

I never imagined (yet I hoped) that we would sell 69 of these special pendants.
I especially never imagined that we would raise so much money for the children of Operation Shanti..(yet I had hoped we would!)

The holidays will upon us in no time now and we will all be so busy with our lives and our families~~~a special time indeed.

Your very last chance to get one of these Limited Edition Pendants in memory of Guruji...and a wonderful way to help the sweet children of Operation Shanti!

I will not be able to "hold" any unless an order is placed through Paypal as that would not be fair to those who pay in advance~ I hope all of you who want one will be able to get one before they are gone.

And to those who already have theirs...
I hope you are loving them and wearing them and each time you reach down and look at yours or hold it in the palm of your hand...you remember what wonderful Karma you have created by supporting "Practice for the Children Pendant" charity for 2010!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois

Time for a Big Update!

I am just really, Really so happy about this!!

We have now sold 59 "Practice for the children Pendants"!! FIFTY NINE!!


We have raised $940.00 for the children Of Operation Shanti!!


I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that these pendants would have been so popular. But I *listened* to that unheard voice..that speaks to me..and followed my Intuition and went for it and with it.

and look how far we have come.

it renders me speechless.
It makes me believe that we can All Do Great Things..if we choose to.

I am ready to take Holiday orders..anytime you are ;0)

Thanks to all of you Blessed Souls who made this Dream...a Reality.
For the children....

This is gonna be a good one for them!
and I just know Guruji would Smile on this one....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing the Creator of the "Practice for the Children Pendant"!

I wanted to introduce the very special woman who has worked so hard on making all of the beautiful "Practice for the children Pendants"!

Her name is Susan and she is a very busy Mom and Yogini herself..yet she unselfishly has hand made all 60 of the pendants for next years charity for the children of Operation Shanti...
I am still so very humbled by her generous spirit...
she has agreed to make as many as we have orders for and she told me that she is honored to be working with me on the endeavor....as did her daughter...in her words

What an amazing thing this is- my daughter Emily (she's 16 but far wiser than her years), said the most beautiful thing about this project. She said that all the people all over the world would be wearing the same necklace, conceived by you, and made by me, and that the necklace was like a common thread tying them all together. What an amazing thought- you should be very proud of this achievement, and...
I am willing and able to make as many necklaces as you want!

I am so deeply grateful to have found such a lovely soul to make these special pendants for all of us...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the Winner of the "Practice for the Children Pendant" is.......

Diane Perone!!!

Here is her winning quote~~~~

"The whole world is you. Yet you keep thinking there is something else."

Thank You ALL for submitting such Beautiful Quotes~~~
I loved them All!

I have only Three pendants left at this point~
I will then be having them made on a "pre-order" basis~
So if you are thinking about possibly giving a "Practice for the children Pendant" for a holiday gift...please place your order ahead of time so that we can be sure you will have it by the holidays!