Thursday, April 28, 2011

On a Roll!

I can't even hardly believe...

sold 8 books in ONE day!

LOVE Amazon!!

But there are a couple I am keeping ;~)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letting go...

To let go of things is one of the most "freeing" feelings in the world. A lesson in detachment for sure. I'm OK with it all...because doing so is taking me to where I long to be. After all, as the saying goes "You can't take it with you" and No we can't take it all with us!!

So...all of the books are now listed and they are on their way. We have sold one of our cars and have one more to sell..then last to go will be the Vespas. Clothing and accessories are at Consignment and money is being made on those as well..and what doesn't sell will go to the Homeless Shelter for women.

I have some wonderful Buddhas, Crystals, Hindu Gods and Godesses...but those shall go as well.

Were on our way...each little step we take.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breathe Deeply and Listen

" What if this was your last year in this body? LIVE! Look over your life. What things do you remember? Wonderful meals? Television shows? Endless conversations about relationships?


All of these are forgotten.

We remember when we have taken risks-no matter what the outcome.

As a person takes his final breath, he does not regret so much his actions as his inactions...

the missed opportunities. Taking risks defines who we are.

Risk breathes life into mere existence.

All wisdom resides within; you only need to breathe deeply and Listen."

~from "A life worth breathing"

Max Strom

Be spiritual and realize truth for yourself.

-Sri Ramakrishna