Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another item to check off my bucket list~~ Indian Wedding!!!

It was one of my lifelong dreams.

And we were in India for only 2 weeks and it came true!!

This is us on the way in a Rickshaw...

Our friends Chris and Warren who have been living here for awhile now, and are well seasoned on..well, Everything pretty much, invited us to attend the wedding with them.

We did this back and forth and laughed the whole time!!
(well, we actually Laugh all the time when were together!)

We arrived at the wedding as the photographers were taking snaps of the extremely handsome groom..

and before we knew it the wedding was in full swing..
we were treated as royalty, and brought to the front of the line to give the beautiful couple their blessing of pouring three times some milk into a coconut and then sprinkling rice on top of the bride and grooms head.

The horns and drums announced the newly married couple...
and we were the first to eat..on banana leaves, with our right hand which I am not used to. I know, I should be since I have been here so many times before..but I am so out of my comfort zone and plus being such an OCD neat freak. Well, you get it I'm sure!
Then came the part that I still can't believe.
They called us up onto the stage (and I won't lie, I LOVE the stage) but this time was a different story, as they insisted we all sit on the special "Love Seat" that was especially for the newly wedded couple.
We met the most beautiful people and they were so warm and inviting and they honestly made us feel like we were the guests of honor..

Truly a day I will Never, Ever forget.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ranjini my Chanting and Harmonium teacher

After finding the Perfect Harmonium in Mysore city I was all set for my first lesson with Ranjini!

I arrived promptly at 4pm as requested and we got started~

We began with some Slokas (chanting) as Ranjini said it was a Prayer to God that our lesson would go smoothly (as it did!)

I had attended One Chanting session 4 years ago with Ranjini's cousin, the well known
Jayashree of Mysore~ and was quite pleasantly surprised at how it all came back to me so easily and effortlessly.

After we Chanted, the lesson began and Ranjini is a Very patient teacher I must say as I was nervous. I played the accordion as a young girl, so it has been many years since I have played an instrument.

I know I will get it, as it is quite simple to play if you just take your time and practice!

(we went to Three music stores before we found the Best Harmonium at the Best price)

I will have my class every Tuesday at 4pm for one hour~
And practice everyday for one hour...
I have plenty of time to perfect this instrument!!

If you are planning on coming to Mysore just contact me for Ranjinis info as she teaches Chanting, The Yoga Sutras, The Veena and of course the Harmonium.
She is a very well known teacher here in Mysore and is in fact a "Senior" Teacher and her rates are quite reasonable!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Ramakrishna Ashram

I had seen many photos of this very spiritual and special place when my dear friend Jean was living here in Mysore.
I Knew I had to go there one day, and finally yesterday I did.
It was Everything I had thought it would be and more...

 we went into the bookstore and I must have purchased at least 10 books and 3 posters and the total came to 10.00 US dollars. I was very happy to support this wonderful Ashram.
 Ray and I were able to enter and do a nice Meditation with the Indian women and men. I sat on the side with the women and Ray on the men's side. Such Peace...

 We were invited into the main office where one of the Sadhus sat and talked with us for almost an hour and told us all about the Ashram and all the children that they help and educate. We were especially happy when he told us about the belief that they have in embracing ALL faiths. As that is how Ray and I feel. You can take a little something from all, and no One Faith is better than any other in their eyes.
I wish everyone would embrace that thought.

I cannot wait to return! It's within walking distance to where we are staying~

Out and about in Mysore~

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Chocolate Man and The Sewing Ladies of Mysore

Finally got an internet connection..for today anyway!!
Hard to come by here lately for some reason. But hopefully we will get that fixed soon.

The days go by so quickly here in Mysore.
We get up so early and retire early as well. The heat drains us, but I finally bought a "Sun Umbrella" and can I just say it was like a revelation buying that~

Then of course today we have rain!! So..I can use the Sun Umbrella for the rain too!

We were craving some chocolate and I was trying to remember what street the Chocolate man was on and we were on the hunt to find his stall.
We passed a very polite young man who showed us the way, actually walking us there personally..

after we bought the chocolate bars we offered him some, but he declined, instead telling us how much he Loved these certain type of cards and so we gave him 20 rupees so he could get some!

I had a few things that needed to be mended and I tried to locate Lokesh at Krishna Tailors as that is who I have always used in the past. But he was never open and never picked up his cell to answer. Probably waiting until high season here when the Yogis all arrive.
But, I got Very Lucky as I found some wonderful women at a stall on the was to where we buy our daily morning Mangos/Papayas/Pineapple and Bananas!!
They fixed Both of my items and had them ready a day EARLY which is VERY rare!!
The cost for both items to be mended was 50 rupees (one US dollar)

After we cut our fruit in the morning I insist on saving all of the rinds which still have some fruit on them and I take them out to the horses that wander the streets and the cows..whoever is there, gets Lucky!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Updates from Mysore! Day 4~~~~

So here's the scoop...
we are moving to a new place at the end of the month.
We Love, Love the room where we are and everything about it, but they are doing some construction next door and the pounding is sort of, well, not relaxing at all.

Plus, were just off a main road and although it guarantees we are up Bright and Early each morning, like were talking EARLY, 5am, the noise is just a bit too much too late at night and early in the morning.

Here are some pics of it never the less!

Before we left the Green Hotel the manager wanted to give us a Blessing for our Journey ahead..it was fantastic  to say the least~~

Were living very simply and eating light because it's been pretty hot here..so breakfast consists of very delicious mouth watering fruit that you can NOT believe!!
As well as Chai~~~~(my favorite!)

on another note...I'm trying to be a good girl and not let the street dogs follow us home, but they just always know when you are a dog lover and hence they do tend to gravitate to us.
I like to buy them dinner or lunch, or just a snack..and this sweet darling is my new friend.
Always remembers us when she sees us!

until next time...
I have SO much to share with you but it will have to wait as I really need to take a bucket bath from this very warm day!