Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friends in "High Places"!!!

I was grinning from *ear to ear* the other day when I got this photo my my friend Angela who is currently living in Cochin, South India while her husband is there working.

We met online..she was a supporter of my recent charity "Practice for the Children Pendant" in which we raised $2500.00 US dollars for the children of Operation Shanti. (i have two pendants left btw if anyone is interested ;0)
but that's not what this post is about...

This post is about Friends. Friends who can make your day with a simple photo like this one...and I DO mean "make my day"!! Every time I look at this picture it just makes me Smile!

Angela and her husband have helped bring India to me...they know how much I love the country and the little "care packages" they have sent to me have just warmed my heart and made me realise that it's these little things like "masala tea, incense that I adore and burn literally all day long, lotus oil, that each time I open the bottle and close my eyes and smell it.. transports me right back to being there in Fort Cochin...beautiful bangle bracelets...earrings..OM pendants..a very special bracelet from Amma's Ashram..stickers (that are now decorating my laptop!!!) just so many wonderful little things from the country that I just SOOOO MISS, mean the world to me. Just sitting and looking at the decorative envelopes that they arrive in with ALL the beautiful stamps, and knowing how far it has traveled to arrive here in California.

Friends...who know what makes you smile.

Thank You my friends Angela and Steven~~~~

OM Shanti!