Friday, March 8, 2013

You want Proof? I've got "PROOF"!!!

Talk about a Surprise Package in the mail...

Ten days ago I got an email from Tyler at Proof Eyewear letting me know that they would be More than happy to donate a handful of "imperfect" glasses to me to take on to India to donate to a few workers there...
and today,
I Got Proof in the mail!!

 and some really cool stickers too!

I had hoped to donate them to Operation Shanti's workers, but Tracy informed that they don't wear sunglasses...
so what we have decided to do is to wait until we arrive and as we get to know certain workers and people in the community that really could use these we will update the blog and inform you of who they are and get their "Story" and photos!!

It will be a good way to learn about people who work hard and are in need of a pair especially if they are outside in the sun all day long. It's important to protect your eyes in the hot Indian sun.
Since we will be starting out in Mysore and living there for awhile..at least for the begining as it seems to be getting more and more pricey there and we have traveled all over India so we know of other beautiful areas that we may just decide to move to later on and settle down in.
But it will be amazing to meet some of the "locals" who might go un-noticed and are in need of eye protection!

I have 5 pairs and thus the story begins..
I will be bringing Toothbrushes to Operation Shanti kids as well as to Ashadayaka Seva Trust children! Compliments of my Amazing Dentist Kevin Jeffers.

So LOT'S of fun stuff in the works and some really great stories to come~~
That's what life is all about. Giving.

So here's to you Proof Eyewear team and Dr. Jeffers. You guys are the BEST!

Here is the pair I ordered and bought myself. I LOVE them. So lightweight yet such great style and protection! These are called "DAME" (for the Dame no less!) hahaha!! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

"It's Good Karma" she said...

I'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good.
Sandra Bullock
What is Karma really?
There are many beliefs about Karma. But I tend to go with the quote above from Sandra Bullock. In all honesty is seems really quite simple to me. You get back what you give out.
Whether it's good or bad. I have found it be true in my life anyway.

I also always get back back so much More than I have given. It doesn't have to be about money or gifts..it's that feeling you get when you give. Even if it's grabbing a shopping cart for someone in front of the grocery store..it can be as simple as that.

Last night I had another one of my "Intuitive Hit's" ( getting those alot lately) and so once again I decided to ride it out and follow through with the idea...
It was while I was brushing my teeth no less!!

Tooth Brushes!!

I wanted to get some tooth brushes for the kids in India. I now know of another charity in the town were moving to called Ashadayaka and a couple of really nice guys from Chicago have been helping them out while they are there. There are 35 kids from ages 3 to 18 living there, and I Knew they could at least use some new Tooth Brushes (if not more). But since were moving there and have limited weight allowances I thought they would be light weight, yet so needed.
I also wanted to get some for Operation Shanti of course!

So first thing this morning I got on the phone with my dentist as I know he has done work in 3rd world countries donating his work free of charge to the people in need.
I asked the girl at the front desk if I might be able to purchase some tooth brushes for a couple of charity organizations in Mysore, India and I told her about both of them.

In no more than a heart beat she said "Of Course we would Love to do that"!!
She said she would give me a box full to give out!
I offered to pay her...
but she refused and said just this..
"We want to give them, it's just Good Karma"

Yes. It is! My kind of peeps...they surround me these days and I am Ever so Grateful~