Thursday, January 27, 2011

you are so missed...

I couldn't write about you right away...
I wanted to, but every time I tried, my eyes would fill with tears and I couldn't see the words. Like right now...
I think about you everyday and every night...sometimes I think I can feel you close to me..especially when I am in my yoga room..
I worry about you being buried in the ground, but we wrapped you in your warm blanket and we wanted you to be nearby forever.
I love talking to you when I'm outside where you now lay, under the ground, under the Buddha statue..and that rose is still in full bloom. Beautiful, just like you were and you are...
Miss you my Prince~~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Post!

It seems that every time I begin a new post, I end up just clicking away and not posting it.

Hmm..wonder why that is..maybe because I wish that it were about Ray and I being in India?!! Yeah, that is probably the reason!!!

But, I do have a post for the New Year~I won't tell you the sad things...only the Happy, Good things this time :0)
Ray and I decided to begin our New Year in a positive, grounding, centered way. So we headed out to Point Reyes and attended a 5 hour Yoga Retreat with one of our yoga teachers we had in Marin for many years. Christy Brown~ and she did, as we knew she would, have a beautiful day planned for us all!

It was a full house at the "Yoga Toes" shala, owned and run by Amanda Giacomini and her husband rapper MC Yogi. Two of the most beautiful and genuine grounded yogis I have had the pleasure of meeting in quite a while..his music is amazing and of course it is right up my alley as he sings about all of the Hindu Gods whom I love and worship. "Elephant Power" is his recent CD and I play it daily as it is in my 5 disc CD player at home along with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das...just to mention a few~

We began the day and ended the day in a perfectly perfect day and we are in hope that this New Year will bring with it all that we pray for and wish for in the world.
May it bring to you the same~~
Namaste my friends~