Monday, July 20, 2009

Operation Shanti~~look how far they have come...

Here is something that I think you will want to watch~~many of you helped these girls with your donations and when you see how far they have come it will touch your heart~~~ Please enjoy!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lately I have become so Inspired by so many of you..my friends, my readers, other blogs that I frequent..people that I speak with daily.
It seems that the "timing" of what I have been reading and hearing is what is really having the most impact on me. At times I even have to stop and wonder...(even though deep down i already know)...were they "sent to me" at this very important point in time?
Were they "told" (unintentionally) to write those very words..or speak that sentence, just at that specific time when I would "read" it, or "call and hear it"? I wonder....I wonder about this big, beautiful, brilliant planet we live on with all of these people who come into our lives for one reason or another..some for a short period of time, others for all of our lives..we Learn, we Share, we Give and we Take what we need..when we need it.
Or is it all in the Big Picture of our lives from the very start....? I suppose we could debate, argue, use scientific facts...but you know what?

I think I would rather keep things as they are...it's much more fun that way...spontanious..mysterious, and Magical. Sort of like Santa Claus was Before we found out the truth...

This time, I would rather Not know the truth...because the truth is...it works Perfectly as it is...and when something isn't broken, why try and fix it?


Friday, July 10, 2009

Free to a Good Home

Yesterday my son Oliver and I were out walking our three dogs around this gorgeous neighborhood of ours...I take it ALL in...each and every time I step foot outdoors, as this is the most beautiful part of summer around here. The trees, the lawns, the flowers...everything...the sky, the clouds..I take nothing for granted.
There is this house on one of my favorite streets..it isn't really the house that you notice though...it is the yard. Because this yard is like a Nursery in itself!! They have Every Plant you can even Imagine!! I always have to just stand there..in the front of the house and just stop and take it allllllll in...I can never get over how much I love it all. It is all over grown and mature and you have to inch your way past along the sidewalk as the plants are so FULL and beautiful and just...YUM!

Well...as I was saying, before I got all sidetracked...

I was walking past this house and near the curb..sat this little plant..that had a sign that said "Free to a Good Home"..That's Me!!!! So Oliver carried her home from me and here she sits on my entry table...a Very good home indeed!

And some of my backyard plants and how they are coming along...more to come of the front!!