Sunday, August 6, 2017

Manifesting what we want

If there is one thing in this life of mine that I know to be true, it is just this.
You have the capability to Manifest Whatever You Desire.

Let me repeat that.

You Have The Capability To Manifest WHATEVER YOU DESIRE.

I have done it numerous times in my life. From living in countries that I love, to moving to new places that I really wanted to live, to trips that I wanted to take that seemed Impossible to go on.
I Manifested each time to make each one of these dreams and thoughts a Reality.

You can do it too.

It is Not Impossible..because actually that word Impossible broken up is

I'm Possible.

You are! We are! And everything you truly desire is as well.

I am now out of that Darkness and Rain of Washington and in my new home in SUNNY Palm Springs.

I am in a Vintage Retro Park about one mile from downtown Palm Springs and this particular park is one I had been researching and wanted to live in more than anywhere here...
the thing was, was that these places Very Rarely go up for sale and when they do, they usually sell in a day or two because people are watching and waiting...

We were here for two weeks and we found ONE in the park and it was only for rent..
I asked if they would sell it and they said "Regretfully not at this time. We want to rent if for at least one year"
So we signed a One Year lease..
but everyday I kept thinking in my mind.."I really don't want to rent for a year, I just want to buy it"!!

We were in here for one week and the owner came to our gate one morning at 10:00 am and he told us that he was thinking about things and he felt like he was taking our money and it wasn't fair. He told us that he would be back in one hour with the papers and we could buy the place!!!!

Did it Again!

We are in the park I wanted, in the cutest place imaginable, with RENT CONTROL and the Funnest Neighbors and the Best part of town and we Own our Place!

Never underestimate the power you hold in your mind and your thoughts.



APPI said...

What an awesome story! I still remember when you were trying to make the decision to move to India. That was huge but you got out of your comfort zone, you made it happen and ever since you've been making things happen for yourself. It's fantastic! Congratulations on the house!

Tracy said...

Thanks my friend!! Good to hear from you as well <3