Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coming back to the Light

I have to be completely honest..
as if you didn't already guess..

I've been sad lately.
It's so not my character and some days I didn't even recognize myself.

I'm the kind of girl who wakes up in the morning and sings.
But not these days..

It's been a very long and very sad 7 months.
I tried most everything I knew to try and pull myself out of it, but nothing seemed to work.

I ran.
I practiced Yoga.
I meditated.
I did Pranayama.
I walked.
I read.
I prayed.
I asked for guidance from the Universe.
I asked the Angels to help me too...

but then I was just there, in the sadness still.

It all started when we moved back from Thailand.
When we moved to the PNW.
It's so gloomy most days and it rains when it really shouldn't rain (at least not where I come from)
It snowed...more than it ever has in the history of this town, so they all said.
It was cold, so cold that my body ached from the cold.

I've never been the type of person who doesn't go outside.
Every. Single. Day.

but I didn't go outside for a lot of days..
days that turned into night and I thought they would never end..those days.

But things are beginning to change now.
We are having some sunny days, and yes, it still rains on days when it really should not (at least not where I come from)
We are getting this Tiny House we bought back on the market.
There are so many people who drool over our place when we tell them about it.
People who live here and Love it here..
I still don't get it, but I have come to realize that thats a good thing.
Just imagine if everyone was unhappy in the same place..
can you?
It would be terrible.

So this girl is starting to smile more and on some days you can hear her sing in the morning again.
She's excited about her new future.

Everything takes time.
The hands of a clock never stay in the same place.
She won't either..
at least not here.
It's not her place.

Oh this life.
*deep sigh*
Life goes on and on and on.
Some days are just better by the moment.
And she likes these days.

A Lot.

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