Friday, February 3, 2023

Time to write again...

I'm sitting here in our condo rental in Bangkok, Thailand..

It is, in all honesty, absolutely Surreal...

Ray is now retired from UPS as of January 21st (officially) and we have made yet another dream come true.


The "Land of Smiles" aka "The Kingdom Thailand"

However you decide to say it, we Have Arrived...once again and this time for good.We brought our girl Fiona with us and she is just as lethargic and not too thrilled as she was the last time we decided to live in Thailand. But we had no choice, because rehoming her wasn't an option.

So we wake up with the birds, before the sunrise and we get her out for her morning walk/workout before the heat and humidity of the city starts doing it's thing.

We really don't mind our new routine either, because we get to bed early and it's just such a peaceful time and the weather is so fresh and new...like being reborn each and every morning. 

I Love It.

Our new chapter. 

We're still setting things up though, because we are renting this condo for one month and after that we don't know where we will be living in Thailand.

It's exciting and a bit nerve racking as we have Fiona to think about and we know we want a condo. This time we want a smaller place than we had the last time we lived in Hua Hin.

So we will go with the flow and manifest that perfect spot.

It's all just one Big Exciting Adventure.

We're ready. Bring it!

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